Which Samsung tablet you have, a new model of the Galaxy range.

How to identify which Samsung tablet you have

Identifying which Samsung tablet you have can certainly be a challenging task. As with Samsung phones, the tablets have many different makes and models, many of which also don’t have any particular standout or recognisable physical features.

In this article we are going to take you step by step through the process of identifying which Samsung tablet you have.

The benefits of knowing your Samsung tablet model number

Knowing your Samsung tablet model number can definitely be useful for a number of reasons.

Firstly, booking a repair on our website becomes as simple as clicking a few buttons to find your device. Once located, the Samsung tablet repair that you require is therefore easy to sort.

Secondly, shopping for the right accessories for your Samsung tablet is also just as easy once you know the exact model. Therefore, you no longer have to guess if an accessory will fit or is compatible. You will certainly know for a fact if it does or doesn’t.

How to identify which Samsung tablet you have?

The easiest and most direct way to find out which model of Samsung tablet you have is to go into the settings menu.

This can be found in: Settings > About Tablet.

This menu certainly lists a lot of handy information about your tablet. Useful details, such as which version of android it is running can also be found here. Most importantly, which model of Samsung tablet is currently in your hands.

Samsung tablet model number location in the about menu.

Samsung tablet model number location in the about menu.

On older Samsung tablet versions you may have to go slightly deeper into the menu list to subsequently find this option.

This can be found in: Settings > General > About Device.

The information listed here is identical, just located elsewhere in comparison to newer Samsung tablets.

What can you do if the device won’t power on or you cannot access this menu?

Alternatively, on the lower back portion of your device there is a huge amount of text. This text contains most of the copyright and trademark material that you would perhaps normally ignore. Just before “Designed and Engineered by Samsung” you will also see a model number starting with two letters followed by a Dash. For example: “SM-“ or “GT-“.

Which Samsung tablet you have model identify location on the back panel.

Which Samsung tablet you have model identify location on the back panel.

Using this model number and consulting the table below you can quickly find out which Samsung tablet you have.

Model finder for Samsung Galaxy Tablets

Samsung Tablet Model Name

Samsung Tablet Model Number

SM-T510, SM-T515

SM-T290, SM-T295

SM-P200, SM-P205

SM-P350, SM-P355

SM-T545, SM-T547
SM-T720, SM-T725
SM-T860, SM-T865
SM-T920, SM-T927, SM-T927A

Galaxy Book 2

SM-T590, SM-T595
SM-T-830, SM-T835

Galaxy Book 10.6-inch


Galaxy Book 12-inch       

T380, T385
SM-T390, SM-T395
SM-T820, SM-T825
T580, T585
T280, T285
T375, T377, T377R

Galaxy Tab E Lite 7.0


Galaxy Tab S2 8.0

SM-T813N, SM-T819N
T350, T355

T550, T555, P550, P555

T560, T561

SM-T710, SM-T715

SM-T810, SM-T815


Galaxy View


Galaxy Note 10.1

P600, P601, P605

Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

P900, P901, P905


SM-T530, SM-T531, SM-T535

Galaxy Tab 4 7.0

SM-T230, SM-T231, SM-T235

Galaxy Tab 4 8.0

SM-T330, SM-T331, SM-T335

Galaxy Tab Active

SM-T360, SM-T365

Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1

SM-T520, SM-T525

Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2

T900, T905

Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4

SM-T320, SM-T321, SM-T325

Galaxy Tab S 10.5

SM-T800, SM-T801, SM-T805

Galaxy Tab S 8.4

SM-T700, SM-T701, SM-T705

Galaxy Note 8.0

GT-N5100, GT-N5120

Galaxy Tab 3 10.1

GT-P5210, GT-P5200, GT-P5220

Galaxy Tab 3 7.0

SM-T210, SM-T211, SM-T215

Galaxy Tab 3 8.0

SM-T310, SM-T311, SM-T315

Galaxy Tab 3 Kids


Galaxy Note 10.1

N8000, N8010, N8020

Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

GT-P5113, GT-P5100, SCH-I915

Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

GT-P3110, GT-P3100, SCH-I705

Galaxy Tab 7.7

GT-P6810, GT-P6800, SCH-I815

Google Nexus 10


Galaxy Tab 10.1

GT-P7510, GT-P7500, SCH-I905

Galaxy Tab 10.1v


Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

GT-P6210, GT-P6200

Galaxy Tab 8.9

GT-P7310, GT-P7300, SGH-I957

Galaxy Tab

GT-P1010, GT-P1000, SCH-I800

Some early Nexus Tablets do not have the model number listed on the back, so identifying them can be quite challenging. If you cannot find the model number on the back, it is likely to be a Google Nexus 10.

How to check your tablet model number in your Samsung account

The one final way to check the model of the device is to log into your Samsung account.

if you synced your device to your account during the initial set-up, you can find all the details for your device there under the tab “My Products”.

Which Samsung tablet do I have conclusion

Knowing the name of your device is therefore the easiest way to book your repair. Samsung has hundreds of different tablet model variations and 8 different lines that the device could belong to. However, this also makes buying cases and accessories easier, as you can now purchase the specific one you need instead of guessing.

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