How to identify Alcatel phone model number from the case.

How to identify what Alcatel phone model you have

Much Like Xiaomi, Alcatel phones are also released in great numbers each year. However, how do you identify which Alcatel phone model you have? Many different versions are released alongside each other throughout the months, so it can be tricky to tell.

Identifying these devices is sometimes difficult, as many lack any external identifying marks. The easiest way to identify which Alcatel phone you have is though the settings.

How to identify which model of Alcatel phone you have

If you can power your device on

If you can power the device on and navigate to settings. This is certainly the easiest way to check which model of Alcatel phone you own.

Go to: Settings > My Device > Model Name.

This screen will tell you the specific name of your model. Furthermore, the menu will also list the model number of your phone as well.

How to identify Alcatel phone model in the settings menu.

If you cannot access the settings menu

Without the settings menu identifying your Alcatel phone model can be difficult.

Your best method is to take a look at the original box your device came in. Typically the model name is going to be printed on the side or under the barcode.

If you no longer have this box or cannot locate it, then there is a chance a model number may be printed or engraved on your phone somewhere.

Typically, this model number will appear under the camera, on the lower portion of the back cover or sometimes on the inside of the sim tray.

If your Alcatel phone has this model number printed or engraved on the handset, consult the table below to identify your phone. If you are looking for a repair and it’s a handset we can fix, you can click the device and be taken straight to the repair page.

Otherwise, get in touch with us by phone or live chat. We’ll let you know if it’s a handset that we can help repair. We’re always looking to provide a solution to Alcatel phone problems, so try us with anything.

Use the Alcatel phone model number to book a repair

If you have identified which Alcatel phone you have, you can easily book in for any repair you may require. See our full range of Alcatel phones we can repair, otherwise give us a call or live chat.

We offer Alcatel screen replacements, Alcatel charging port repairs, battery replacements and much more. Whatever the problem you may be facing with your Alcatel phone, we can offer you a solution.

Help Repair My Alcatel Phone

Alcatel Model Name

Alcatel Model Number

alcatel 1

5033X, 5033J, 5033T, 5033D, 5033G, 5033M, 5033X_EEA, 5033F

alcatel 10.16G


alcatel 1B (2020)

5002A, 5002D, 5002F, 5002I, 5002M, 5002X

alcatel 1c (2019)

5009A, 5009D, 5003G, 5003D_EEA, 5003D

5024A, 5024D, 5024I, 5024J, 5024D_EEA, 5024F, 5024F_EEA

alcatel 1S (2020)

5028Y, 5028D, 5028D_EEA

alcatel 1SE (2020)

5030F, 5030U

alcatel 1T 7


alcatel 1v (2019)

5001D, 5001A, 5001U, 5001T, 5001J

alcatel 1V (2020)

5007U, 5007G, 5007A

alcatel 1x

5059, 5059D, 5059I, 5059A, 5059Y, 5059X, 5059J, 5059T, 5059Z

5008T, 5008Y, 5008U, 5008R, 5008D_EEA, 5008Y_EEA

alcatel 2000


alcatel 2001

2001A, 2001X

alcatel 2005

2005A, 2005D

alcatel 2007


alcatel 2010

2010A, 2010D, 2010E

alcatel 2012

2012G, 2012D

alcatel 2040

2040G, 2040D
5052D, 5052A, 5052Y

alcatel 3 (2019)

5053K, 5053A, 5053Y, 5053D, 5053Y_EEA
alcatel 3088

3088X, 3088T


5039U, 5039D

alcatel 3L (2020)

5029Y, 5029, 5029D

alcatel 3T 10

8088L, 8088Q, 8088X

alcatel 3T 8


5099Y, 5099A, 5099D, 5099U, 5099I

alcatel 3v (2019)


5058, 5058I, 5058T, 5058Y, 5058A, 5058J

alcatel 3x (2019)

5048Y, 5048A, 5048Y_EEA, 5048I

alcatel 3X (2020)


5086D, 5086Y, 5086A

alcatel 5v

5060D, 5060A


alcatel A3

5046Y, 5046U, 5046D

alcatel A3 XL

9008X, 9008A

alcatel A5 LED

5085I, 5085Q, 5085D

alcatel A7

5090, 5090I

alcatel A7 XL


alcatel Fierce 2

7040T, 7040N

alcatel Fierce 4


alcatel Fierce XL


alcatel Fire C 2G


alcatel Flash (2017)


alcatel Flash 2


alcatel Flash Plus 2


alcatel Go Play


alcatel Hero 2


alcatel Idol 2


alcatel Idol 2 Mini

6016A, 6016X, 6016D, 6016E

alcatel Idol 2 Mini S

6036X, 6036A, 6036Y

alcatel Idol 3 (4.7)

6039Y, 6039H, 6039K

alcatel Idol 3 (5.5)

6045Y, 6045K, 6045O, 6045I

6055K, 6055P, 6055B, 6055U, 6055I, 6055H, 6055Y

alcatel Idol 4s

6070K, 6070Y, 6070O

alcatel Idol 5


alcatel Idol 5s


alcatel Idol Mini

6012D, 6012E, 6012X, 6012A, 6012W

alcatel Idol S

6034R, 6034Y, 6034M

alcatel Idol X

6040D, 6040E, 6040, 6040A

alcatel Idol X+


alcatel One Touch Fire

4012A, 4012X

alcatel One Touch Idol

6030A, 6030D

alcatel One Touch M'Pop

5020D, 5020E, 5020W

alcatel One Touch Pixi

4007D, 4007E

alcatel One Touch Scribe Easy

8000D, 8000E

alcatel One Touch Star


alcatel One Touch T'Pop


alcatel One Touch X'Pop

5035D, 5035E, 5035Y

alcatel Pixi 3 (3.5)

4009X, 4009D, 4009A

alcatel Pixi 3 (4)

4013D, 4013X

alcatel Pixi 3 (4.5)


alcatel Pixi 4 (4)

4034X, 4034G, 4034F, 4034D, 4034A, 4034E

5010D, 5010X, 5045T, 5045D, 5045X, 5010E, 5010G, 5045A

alcatel Pixi 4 (6)

8050D, 9001X, 5098O

alcatel Pixi 4 (6) 3G


alcatel Pixi 4 Plus Power


alcatel Pixi 7


alcatel Pixi First


alcatel Pop 2 (5)

7043A, 7043K, 7043Y

5015D, 5015E

alcatel Pop 3 (5.5)

5054T, 5054S, 5025E, 5025G, 5025X, 5025D, 5025N, 5054D, 5054X, 5045S, 5054A

alcatel Pop 4

5051X, 5051D

5056D, 5056E, 5056M, 5056A, 5056X

alcatel Pop 4S

5095K, 5095I

alcatel Pop C3

4033A, 4033X, 4033D, 4033E

alcatel Pop C5


alcatel Pop C7

7040A, 7040F, 7041X, 7040D, 7041D, 7040E

alcatel Pop C9


alcatel Pop D5

alcatel Pop Fit
4002X, 4002A

alcatel Pop Icon


alcatel Pop S3

5050Y, 5050A, 5050S

alcatel Pop S7


alcatel Pop S9

7050Y, 7050W

alcatel Pop Star


alcatel Pop Up


alcatel Pulsemix


alcatel Shine Lite

5080X, 5080Q, 5080A

4047D, 5044Y, 5044D, 4047X, 5044A, 5044T, 5044O, 4047F, 4047A

alcatel U5 HD


alcatel X1


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