A completed repair shows why upgrade your PC to install new parts.

Why upgrade your computer?

Unlike phones, tablets or a TV, computers and laptops are highly adaptable. Pretty much every component in your PC can be swapped out for another higher performing part. Therefore, it’s easy to upgrade your computer components.

Furthermore, the question arises as to why you would want to upgrade your computer parts? Surely whatever set-up the manufacturer has provided is the best one available. Additionally, if your device has aged beyond peak performance, is it not better to buy a brand new higher spec device?

PC components have changed a lot over the years. However, not all components in your device age at the same rate. A few years ago if you hadn’t upgraded your CPU, GPU or RAM that year, you were miles behind everyone else.

Nowadays, there is less of an improvement each year. As a result, its worthwhile holding onto the parts that you do have. Typically the only upgrade you should make to your base system is the graphics card. But it all depends what you need your device for.

Why upgrade your computer for gaming

Games don’t run like other applications. Whilst they are a good way of testing how well your system runs in a general way, they typically eat into your GPU. Whilst CPU performance is important, you won’t see much improvement by massively upgrading it.

If you are looking at running high performance games, consider what graphics card you are running on. This is the most common issue when people are trying to play high performance games and have already upgraded their RAM.

Why upgrade your computer for other applications

Typically, for any other application, you need to look closely at your system specs and research why it’s not working in the way that it should.

For example, if you are running applications that use 3GB of RAM and your system has 4GB available, RAM is not going to be the issue.

Instead you might consider upgrading your HDD to a SDD. This will improve the responsiveness of your desktop and also help manage the load of the whole system.

However, if you are trying to run programs that utilise 6GB of RAM and only have 4GB available, a RAM upgrade would result in a massive improvement in performance.

A PC component upgrade being carried out in our repair shop.

A PC component upgrade being carried out in our repair shop.

What’s the difference between HDD and SSD?

There are two different kinds of storage available. Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and Solid State Drive (SSD). Both types of drive have the same job. They turn on your system, store your applications and files. However, there are some key differences between them.

Hard Disk Drives

Firstly, the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) has been around for quite a while now and is getting toward the end of its life in modern devices. The drive stores the data contained on it on a metal platter with magnetic coding. This platter is spun like a disc and read by the reader head. This technology has been around for a while and has now been surpassed by the Solid State Drive (SSD).

An upgrade your PC hard drive replacement.

An upgrade your PC hard drive replacement.

Solid State Drives

A SDD still stores data on it of course. However, this data is located on a series of interconnected flash drives. This data still exists on the drive even if power is not running through it. What’s more, it can be accessed by the system instantly without the need to spin a disk at a certain speed.

Is SSD better than HDD?

The instant access nature of a SSD means that your computer can boot up much quicker than a HDD can.

Additionally, a SSD launches and runs apps faster and transfers files quicker. They also don’t suffer from the fragmentation issue that a HDD does.

Over time the files on your HDD will get scattered across the disk. This means that the reader cannot access the information in one continuous motion. Therefore, it will need to rotate multiple times to access the entire stream, which makes it slower.

Finally, due to moving parts, HDDs are more likely to break when dropped or handled roughly.

The only downside to a SSD is the price. SSDs are typically higher in price compared to a HDD of a similar size. However, the boost in speed can be well worth investing in.

Is it better to upgrade your computer system or purchase a new one?

Overall, it all depends on what is holding you back. For example, you find that you cannot play a high spec game. If after checking out the system requirements, not one component on your computer is the correct one to play this game, then it could be worthwhile researching your next device.

However, perhaps you have a very specific issue and believe it can be resolved with one or two component upgrades. Therefore, it is the easiest thing in the world to choose to improve those components.

Firstly, find your computer on our website. Select from gaming PCs like Alienware or a popular desktop PC such as Acer, Dell, Lenovo or Hewlett Packard (HP). Secondly, choose which upgrade you require and press checkout. In two easy steps, you’ve now booked your repair into our system.

If for any reason you cannot determine what your issue is or need any help whatsoever, get in touch on our live chat. We would certainly love to solve your problem.

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