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Why you shouldn’t replace your own iPhone battery

Battery life is critical to any iPhone user. However, many months and years of phone use results in the decline of the battery health. Eventually we experience incredibly quick battery drain. A replacement is therefore needed as a result. However, as tempting it may be, you shouldn’t replace your own iPhone battery yourself.

How to check iPhone battery health

iPhone batteries are powerful units. Out of the box, a new battery will last at least two years if it is not subject to very heavy usage and constant re-charging cycles.

However, the reality is that battery health, even on an iPhone, will decline over time. You can check the health of the battery in “Settings > Battery > Battery Health”.

In this menu you can see the maximum capacity of the battery as well as what apps have been consuming power. Once the health has dipped below 80% a new iPhone battery unit should be installed.

iPhone battery health menu in the settings screen.

iPhone battery health menu in the settings screen.

If it is time for a new battery, it can be very tempting to change it yourself. I mean, how hard can it be? Phones of the past used to be as easy as removing the battery and popping a new one in.

However, with the iPhone being a sealed unit, a change of battery is actually much more complex than in other brands of handset.

We also have handy tips on how to get more out of your iPhone battery life and more how-to guides for phone maintenance.

Replace your own iPhone battery can damage other components

The iPhone battery itself is nestled in with a number of other components. Whilst opening the sealed handset and reaching the battery might be easy enough, removing and replacing it is a skill in itself.

Without the right tools and expertise it is very easy to damage other internal parts, circuits and mechanisms.

We’ve seen many handsets where a DIY iPhone battery replacement was attempted and it caused more damage as a result. Subsequently the camera didn’t work, no audio was heard or the logic board was damaged. Needless to say that these repairs then made the original objective of a battery replacement even more expensive.

A replace your own iPhone battery DIY expert job in our shop.

Replace your own iPhone battery voids the warranty

A new iPhone has a standard 1-year warranty. This covers against any workmanship faults or defects.

There is also the option of AppleCare+, which covers accidental damage and your battery if the health falls below 80%. However, it doesn’t apply if you decide to open the phone up yourself. In this case, the warranty and AppleCare+ is void.

Installing a replacement battery may offer no performance improvement

There is also no guarantee that the battery installed will offer any improvement in iPhone performance. A new battery may have poor quality cells that degrade very quickly. Equally the battery could turn out to be a dud or may even leak and ruin the internal phone components.

There is often very little way of ensuring the quality of the battery, which can increase the overall cost of replacement in the long run.

Use a qualified professional to change an iPhone battery

When it comes to a choice of whether to replace an iPhone battery yourself then it’s best to come to the professionals. We have extensive experience of changing iPhone batteries and charging issues so that you’ll get much more life out of your Apple phone.

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