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Why It Is Important To Know Exactly Who Is Repairing Your Phone

If you have been paying attention to tech news of late, you will know the right to repair movement has reached an all-time high. Many people are completing repairs from home. What’s more tech repair services offer to fix a dizzying array of more and more complex devices. However, it is important to know exactly who is repairing your phone or trusted tech.

Tech giants argue that you cannot trust independent repair services. These companies believe that they are untrained, use sub-standard parts and that your personal information may be misused.

This is largely untrue. However, you still need to be careful. You certainly need to know who is repairing your phone.

A lack of Official Certification

Device manufactures have been known to say that only those properly trained and authorized to do so should be completing repairs on phones and tech gadgets.

Companies such as Samsung and Apple may even refuse to assist with a repair on one of their devices if it looks like it has been tampered with by unauthorized personnel.

Learning how to repair a piece of tech in the age of the Internet and YouTube is very easy. However, practically anyone can learn how to replace a screen by watching a tutorial online. This is what the manufacturers are most worried about.

Anyone can learn phone repair

While anyone can watch a video and start repairing devices worth hundreds of pounds, issues will arise. Issues that might not be covered in a short 3-minute YouTube Video.

If you wanted to learn how to deal with the hundreds of problems that could arise during a phone repair, you would need to ask a certified technician or go on a training course to further your education and become certified yourself.

During these courses, you can even learn how to fix problems that the manufacture themselves would not be able to complete. These include scenarios such as liquid damage and data recovery.

Some of these courses are great and provide the attendee with all the knowledge they need. Meanwhile, other courses may only cover the basics or give incorrect information.

This is largely due to a lack of official certification or a board that controls the quality of teaching. This leads to a huge variance in expertise and professionalism in the industry. Therefore, you need to be cautious about where you go to get your phone repaired.

Most legitimate technicians will be happy to let you know how much experience they have and what kind of qualifications they have earned. Many genuine companies list these achievements on their websites. In this way, you can be sure you can trust them. Therefore you’ll know exactly who will be repairing your phone.
Research in to phone repair information.

Do background checks on who will be repairing your phone

Anyone can attend a course and pick up a set of tools. This opens up a whole heap of issues.

Your local technician who works out of his home could potentially have criminal convictions or be selling your data to a third party for profit.

Before a repair is completed on your phone, you typically need to provide your passcode. This allows the technician to fully test your device before and after the repair so as to ensure that no functionality Is affected.

This could also be used to access your contacts, social media or financial information. As a result this could be misused and cause massive complications in your day-to-day life.

When arranging a repair for your device you need to make sure that the service you use is GDPR compliant and completes background checks on their employees.

This is the only way that you can be certain that the person checking your phone has your best interests in mind and is not going to abuse the access you have given them.

That’s not to say that every technician will steal your information. However, you can never be too careful. These checks are the only way to ensure your protection and safety during a repair.

Phone information in the wrong hands costs the user money.

A thousand choices of who can repair your phone

For any phone, whether it is a Samsung, Huawei, Apple, Nokia or Google Pixel, there are a thousand different parts available for them. These can vary in quality and price tremendously and many of them are not made by the original manufacturer.

Take for example one of the most common examples of a repair we see every single day, an iPhone X screen repair.

This involves replacing the original broken screen with a new working OLED display. A quick search for iPhone X screens will show that there are multiple screens available to buy for this repair. The price range varies from as low as £17 all the way up to £120 for a genuine original Apple OLED.

If you are not trained and practised technician it can be difficult to know where to start. Some of these screens unfortunately are not going to be very good. They are not designed to the same quality as the original screen built in to your phone.

Trained technicians use some of these low-quality parts, normally to maximise the profit for each repair. In addition, the customer is kept coming back when the low-quality part stops working.

Check the length of warranty you’ll receive

This is why it’s always important to get the best warranty you possibly can alongside your repair. At We Solve All, we provide a 12-month warranty (excluding accidental damage) on the majority of our repairs.

This is because we use high-quality parts that are designed to last the lifetime of your phone. What’s more, our technicians are fully trained and experienced. So, we have absolute faith in their ability to complete even the most complex level 3 repairs.

If the shop or technician that you are using does not provide a lengthy warranty, it’s going to be because the parts are not of a high quality or they are uncertain about the success of the repair.

Phone repair protection warranty.

Ensure formal agreements are in place

Contracts and agreements are the backbone of our society and govern a lot of our legal responsibilities and procedures day-to-day.

When you hand your phone over to someone, there needs to be a clear agreement about what can and cannot be done. Furthermore, what the process of resolution should be if something goes wrong during the repair.

Read the small print

For many people when they hand their device over to someone, there is no formal contract or any terms or conditions. It is simply a verbal agreement that a service will be completed on your phone for a determined price. The psychological assumption is made that should anything happen to your device it is the technician’s responsibility to resolve the situation.

Unfortunately, without signing any paperwork or a company having very clear terms and conditions in-store or on their website, should anything happen to your device once you have handed it over the repairer has a very few legal obligations to do anything to remedy it.

Should your device be damaged, personal data stolen or even if you never see your phone again. The only way to resolve a dispute is to either go through local trading standards or the small claims court. All of which takes time or have costs attached to them.

When booking your expensive, very personal device in for repair, ensure that the service has very clear terms and conditions. Therefore if anything does go wrong there is a legally binding reason for them to resolve the situation with you.

Phone repair terms.

Who is repairing your phone horror stories

At We Solve All, we hear from many customers who have had bad experiences at other repair centres. Furthermore, with technicians who are working from home. Most of these stories could have been avoided by following the advice given here.

In-store we see at least one phone every week that has been repaired elsewhere with loose screws. Even more concerning are phones with screws put back in the wrong places. This can cause massive internal damage and may even pierce the battery and cause the phone to explode.

Locally we’ve heard that a repair shop nearby has used customers devices to write a five star poorly spelt review on their own company’s Facebook page. This is a massive breach of GDPR. No compliant company would ever misuse a customer’s data or access a device outside of a repair like this.

Online there are numerous stories where a customer’s device was never seen again because it was sent on to someone else without the customer’s knowledge. After all, the technician was not skilled enough to complete the work.

Always make sure the service you use has a history of good communication skills. What’s more. that they have a technician on-site for all three levels of repair.

Prevent a phone repair horror story image of a scared person.

Get your phone repaired by someone you can trust

If you are looking for any further advice about safe repair practises or need to arrange a repair, do get in touch.We also have a useful guide about what to do before you bring your phone in for repair.

You can contact us at www.wesolveall.com, talk to us on live chat or message us on social media. We are always open to answering your questions about who will be repairing your phone and would love to solve your problem.

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