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What should you do before you bring your phone in for repair?

Understandably, each day we get new customers at We Solve All that have never had a device repaired before and don’t know what to expect.

Not every repair service operates in the same way as we do. Therefore when you bring your device in for a repair, we want you to feel as confident and comfortable as possible. So, what should you do?

Back up your device

While many of our repairs have a very minimal risk of data loss, there is always the possibility it might happen. If you are able to access the information storage in your phone and can back it up, then do so.

Additionally, if you are reading this page and don’t need a repair take this as a reminder to back up your data. You never know when something might go wrong and it’s always good to take precautions.

Set up new iPhone backup to iCloud.


Have access to all of the sign-in information

At the start of your repair, we complete a full diagnostic test in order to determine the location and cause of faults on your device. In order to do this, we need to be given access to your phone and be provided with an accurate passcode. Without this we won’t be able to complete a repair.

At We Solve All we take data protection very seriously. All of our employees are DBS background checked and every time your phone is accessed it is logged and recorded on our system. So, you can feel confident that your data and confidentiality are protected.

On occasion, depending on the repair, we may also need access to your Apple iCloud details or your Gmail sign in. This is a common occurrence on software repairs where a factory reset is needed. Please ensure you know the details, as without them you may not be able to access your device once a software repair has been completed.

iPhone is disabled passcode entry on the lock screen.

Find out the make and model of your device

This is important information that will make your booking process easier. You can typically find this information in the settings menu under “About device”. If you cannot locate this, or are unable to power the screen on, then we have numerous guides on how to identify your iPhone, Samsung, Huawei or Google Pixel device.

Once you know what model your device is you are ready to book it in for a repair.

Book your repair online

We list all kinds of repairs on our website. The most commonly booked are a screen replacement, charging port repair or battery replacement. However, we repair pretty much everything on a phone. So, you can view all of the available repairs and book them with ease.

Find Available Repairs

Once you have added all of the necessary repairs, you can click checkout, enter your details and choose your method of delivery.

We offer in-store drop off repairs, at your door collections and finally a postal repair service if you are further afield.

If you were curious if we can help you, you can see the areas of the country we cover here. Alternatively, see what options are available when you enter your details in at the checkout.

Getting your phone to us

Depending on how you have placed your order, you will need to either drop your phone off at our shop, await our arrival at your address at the agreed time or post your device to us.

As soon as we have your device in-hand we can start your repair. So, why not book your repair today. It takes less than three minutes to get started. Follow the steps and get your device solved today!

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