Computer virus malware detected warning message.

What to do if you have a computer virus

Every day your windows PC or laptop has the potential to pick up a computer virus. Even the most legitimate website could have some minor tracking cookie or something similar hidden on the page.

What’s more, if you are the kind of person to use unofficial sites other than Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube to watch your content, you could be exposing yourself to all kinds of dangerous viruses.

Additionally, practically any file you download or email you receive could contain harmful or malicious content. This could be used to infiltrate your device and expose personal information to the attacker.

What can a computer virus do?

A simple computer virus can cause some serious complications to your machine, and your life. A virus could hijack your banking information, control the camera on your PC or even send an email pretending to be you.

Computer virus detected alert screen message-on a monitor.

Computer virus detected alert screen message.

Ensure you have anti-virus software

Most of this can be blocked by reputable anti-virus software like Norton, or anti-malware programs such as Malwarebytes. However newer variants can slip past these programs and can be very hard to detect.

What to do if you think you have a computer virus

Perhaps you keep getting strange things happening, such as pop-up windows. Maybe you sense that something isn’t quite right, as your computer is behaving differently.

If you’ve got an issue with your device that you believe might be virus related then the first thing to do is install an antivirus program.

Secondly, you will need to perform a full system scan in order to identify if there is an issue with the computer.

There are a few anti-virus programs out there that have a deep-clean option. For Example, Norton Power Eraser performs a deep scan of your system and removes any perceived threats. This may mean that it deletes files that were not necessarily a virus or malware, but it ensures that if there was a threat that it was removed.

Computer anti-virus software scan for malicious code.

Computer anti-virus software scan for malicious code.

Use a computer virus repair service

If you have tried all of that and are uncertain about whether the issue you are experiencing is virus related, you can bring your computer or laptop in for a diagnosis.

Alternatively, we offer service packages on many common models of computer. Our Bronze service package ensures that your device is in good working order by completing a full computer virus and malware scan, plus a physical clean. Perfect if you are worried about viruses.

Book your repair on our site or get in touch on our live chat today.

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