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The Top 5 Apple Macs for 2021

The best computer that money can buy is a Mac. That’s not to say that Windows devices are not brilliant. However, if you want a top-performing computer, and are willing to pay a premium price for it, then Apple Macs are the way to go.

There are multiple different versions of the Mac available both as laptops and desktops. Furthermore, there are hundreds of different makes and models available each year. Apple produces a variety of Mac devices for each of their lines with different specs and with varying sizes of screen.

In this article we are going to cover the best Apple Macs you can pick up from the last two years.

1. MacBook Air (2020)

Released only last year this much-improved version of the MacBook Air featured the new M1 chip, creating a fast, responsive “silent” MacBook Air.

This version of the MacBook Air, also known as the MacBook Air M1, has received very positive reviews and is considered one of the very best MacBook Air models available from any year.

Its unique feature is that it actually does not feature an internal fan. Instead, the machine uses passive cooling to keep itself under temperature, resulting in near silent performance.

It features an 8 core CPU, between 8-16GB of unified memory, up to 2 TB SSD and a 13-inch retina display.

For £999 you can’t do much better.

A MacBook Pro laptop with the screen open and on.

2. MacBook Pro 16-Inch (2019)

Coming in at £2400 this device is, of course, much higher powered than the MacBook Air. This MacBook Pro features and i9 Core processor, 16-64GB of RAM, up to 8TB SSD storage and a 16-inch screen.

This is the best MacBook for professional high end content creators and the cost is reflected in it’s stellar components.

This is the best MacBook Pro available, but is only really worth investing in if you absolutely need it. The machine’s inclusion on our list is in recognition of the insane 64GB of RAM and the i-9 core processor, which is the best available from Apple.

3. MacBook Pro 13-Inch (2020)

A modest boost in performance compared to the latest MacBook Air. This version has much of the same specs, with slightly beefier chips for those that want to create professional content. And all for a minor price bump.

It does have an integrated fan, as a pro level device could not run off of passive heat control. It therefore requires a dedicated fan to run at optimal levels without crashing.

We would suggest picking this up if you were looking to use this for professional content creation, but did not want to spend 2k on a new device.

A MacBook Pro screen and keyboard.

4. Mac Mini (M1 2020)

A very portable Mac Mini. Whilst you’ll need to invest in an external monitor, keyboard and mouse, this device runs on par with the expensive MacBook Pro 2019.

The M1 Mac Mini features an 8 Core GPU, 8-64GB of RAM and a 2TB SSD. Everything you might need from the MacBook Pro 2019 can actually be found here, aside from the lack of screen.

The Mac Mini 2020 is a fantastic pick up for those on a budget. Especially if you already have a set-up that you can seamlessly plug into and go. Just be careful while transporting it, as it’s so small and light. Even at £600 you don’t want to break this fantastic bit of kit.

5. iMac 26-inch (2020)

The 26-inch iMac 2020 features an i9 Core processor and 128GB of RAM alongside a Radeon Pro 5700 XT graphics card. This larger device can be fitted with a near unlimited storage 8TB hard drive.

The 26-inch  iMac 2020 is very high end and easily beats out the MacBook Pro 2019. While not as portable, those that work from one spot and need limitless specs like this will find it a worthy investment.

The design of the iMac has not moved forward in the past 3 years, but the questions remain as to why it would need to with such a focus on performance and cost.

The top 5 Macs to buy in 2021 overall

These are our picks for the five Apple Macs you can pick up this year in 2021. While the older devices on the market are still very good, they can be prone to developing faults, such as hard drive failures or overheating.

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