Fix iPhone 7 Plus issue of a damaged screen.

The most frequent fix iPhone 7 Plus issues that we repair

The iPhone 7 Plus is the bigger sibling of the iPhone 7. Equipped with a higher resolution display and a dual lens camera, this Apple device was another step forward in the iPhone evolution. Launched in 2016, it still remains very popular. We certainly repair a great number of them and these are the most frequent fix iPhone 7 Plus issues that we remedy.

Smashed iPhone 7 Plus screen

iPhone 7 Plus screen replacement is by far the most frequent fix that we carry out on this Apple device. Broken, cracked or smashed screens are almost unavoidable now that the mobile phone has become such a big part of our lives. Dropping an iPhone 7 Plus is therefore easily done and smashed or cracked screen glass is often the result.

This repair is a common problem that we also see on the iPhone 7 as well. Both handsets feature toughened glass, but still can frequently suffer a broken screen if dropped.

How much does it cost to fix an iPhone 7 Plus screen?

An affordable iPhone 7 Plus screen replacement cost starts from approximately £65 to restore the crystal-clear display. What’s more, an LCD replacement is usually done at the same time. This repair also resolves issues such as a blank screen or unusual lines appearing on the display.

A fix iPhone 7 plus broken glass issue with a new screen replacement.

A fix iPhone 7 plus broken glass issue with a new screen replacement.

Fixing the back camera

Another frequent fix iPhone 7 Plus issue that we encounter is a broken rear camera. The lens can easily become scratched, damaged or get dust trapped inside.

Above all else, the camera is the most important part on many phones. Pixelated, out of focus or blurry photos are certainly all signs that the iPhone 7 Plus back camera is in need of a repair.

A damaged iPhone 7 Plus rear camera can be repaired in as little as 30 minutes by a skilled technician with the correct tools. What’s more, an iPhone back camera repair will solve issues such as dust inside the lens that appear as spots on photos.

How much does it cost to fix the back camera on an iPhone 7 Plus?

A fix iPhone back camera repair cost starts from £100 for the lens and installation. The repair will rid your phone of blurry photos and out of focus pictures caused by a damaged or broken camera lens.

A fix iPhone 7 plus broken camera issue with a new lens.

A fix iPhone 7 plus broken camera issue with a new lens.

Replacing the charging port

We see a great number of iPhone 7 Plus handsets where the device is not charging and the port feels loose or shakes. Furthermore, the phone won’t connect to a computer or sync with iTunes through the lightning cable. Therefore, this situation usually calls for a charging port replacement.

Can I clean the charging port?

If the charging port on your iPhone 7 Plus is dirty or has something stuck inside then this can be removed with a cotton bud. Sharp objects shouldn’t be used otherwise permanent damage can be caused to the port.

How much does it cost to replace iPhone 7 Plus charging port?

The price for an iPhone charging port replacement is approximately £45 in our repair shop. The new port will have the iPhone charging and syncing with iTunes once more.

Water damage

Water and electronics don’t tend to mix. The iPhone 7 Plus was Apple’s first to feature waterproofing. However, the device can still suffer water damage if dropped in a toilet or swimming pool.

We see a large number of water damaged iPhone handsets and have a good success rate with fixing them. Time is of the essence and the quicker the phone can be dried out and components tested the better.

Water damaged iPhones can often short-circuit if not properly fixed. Furthermore, the internal components can corrode over time as the water rusts them. Common signs are that the iPhone won’t turn on; charge-up or the screen has lines or sports under the glass.

The best solution is to therefore get a diagnostic assessment as quickly as possible to identify any issues and have them sorted

iPhone 7 Plus battery replacement

Another frequent fix iPhone 7 Plus issue we run in to is battery power. There’s certainly nothing more frustrating than having an iPhone 7 Plus battery that drains quickly. Since launching in 2016, the capacity of the phone’s battery reduces over time and eventually needs replacing.

We see a lot of deteriorating iPhone 7 Plus batteries and can replace them in roughly 30 minutes. Your iPhone’s battery power will be increased as a result, allowing you to get back to calling, surfing and texting without the worry of running out of charge.

How much does it cost to replace an iPhone 7 Plus battery?

An affordable iPhone 7 Plus battery replacement cost is around £45 and can be conducted in around 30 minutes by a skilled technician.

Is it worth repairing an iPhone 7 Plus?

Most definitely, yes. iPhone 7 Plus repair will more than offset the value received for the device if it is sold or traded in. Having an iPhone in good working order will consequently increase the price obtained for the device.

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