An iPhone tempered glass screen protector.

iPhone Tempered Glass for Three years

On average people own a mobile phone for around three years. During this time the device can take several bumps and scratches, which can lower the value of the phone. What’s more, it’s more likely for the screen to crack.

A screen protector’s job is to prevent these scratches from actually reaching your phone screen. During the course of its duty your protector will receive this damage instead.

It’s important to regularly replace this protector to ensure it provides complete protection. Otherwise one of these value dropping scratches could bypass the tempered glass and do lasting damage to your phone.

Protect your iPhone for three years with our new tempered glass upgrade plan

All your screen protection needs, solved! Three years tempered glass for only £25.

Our Screen Protectors cost £10.00, Upgrade yours today for £15.

  1. Visit our store or book an appointment, we will register your name and the IMEI number of your mobile Phone.
  2. One of our staff will fit one of our screen protectors onto the registered phone.
  3. If your screen protector breaks during the 3 year period you can come to our store and have your screen protector replaced free of charge. You just need to provide a valid receipt.


Upgrade now!

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