A new iPhone 8 battery replacement for a longer lasting handset.

iPhone Battery Protection for Three Years

On average people tend to own a device for three years. During this time, depending on the number of charges, a phone may get through as many as three batteries.

Once your battery has been charged a specific number of times the battery health will be lowered. This can affect how much power your device can hold and how long it stays on for.

Now if you replace your iPhone battery at We Solve All, you can protect your battery for three years. Therefore, if the battery does run down in that time, you will receive a replacement.

What’s more, it only costs an extra £15 to protect your battery.

Protect your iPhone battery for three years

1. Book your battery replacement online, We will register your name and the IMEI number of your device, When you arrive in-store tell us you would like the three your protection on your battery.

2. One of our technicians will fit a battery into your registered phone.

3. If your battery health goes below 80% during the 3-year period, you can come to our store and have your battery replaced free of charge. We simply we need to see a valid receipt of purchase.


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