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My phone won’t read my sim card

A sim card is needed for your phone to be able to place calls, send texts and connect to 3,4 or 5G. If your sim starts to have problems this can create connection or no service issues. It can even stop you from using your phone altogether. So, what should you do if your phone won’t read the sim card?

The quick fix to get your phone to read the sim card

If you phone has suddenly stopped registering your sim card, or you are finding that calls are dropping, your internet cuts off or you are just generally having signal issues then you may just have a poor connection to one of the pins.

By taking the sim card out and putting it back in again this can realign your sim to the reader and potentially fix your problem if it was being caused by an intermittent connection.

if this simple fix doesn’t work by itself, you may need to also reset your network connection. Turning airplane mode on and off and restarting your device resets your network connection and can sometimes solve the problem as well.

If this does not work, it may be because you have a damaged or faulty sim card. Try a spare sim card in your phone if you have one. If it connects without issue, then chances are the fault lies with your original sim card. You may need to order a new one from your network as a result.

If you still find that the sim does not connect you may have a more complicated problem. This good be a fault with the sim reader or the antenna of your phone.

A mobile Phone sim card and reader tray.

The sim card won’t read as the phone is locked to another network

If you’ve been trying a new sim in your device that belongs to another network then it may be a simple case of getting your device unlocked.

Most phones when bought new are assigned to a specific network. The phone cannot take sim cards from outside that network without being unlocked.

If you’ve been trying a new sim card and believe that to be the case then you just need to book a network unlock for your device.

Find the make and model of your phone on our website and locate the appropriate network unlock.

For example, if you have an iPhone 8 that is locked to Vodafone, you will need to go to the iPhone 8 page and book for a Vodafone unlock.

Once you’ve got to the checkout, you will need to provide your full details, alongside the phone’s IMEI.

How to find the IMEI

These details can be found on the box your phone came in, printed on the back of your handset or inside the sim tray. They can also be obtained by dialling *#06#.

Once you have provided us with these details, your phone will typically be unlocked within 48 hours.

The phone is in need of repair to read the sim card

If neither of these strategies are successful then it’s likely that there is a fault with the phone itself. We offer free diagnosis in-store to find out what your fault is and provide you with a solution. This is extremely handy if you have a no service on iPhone issue or are struggling to connect to your network or have an Android phone that won’t install apps on the handset.

Typically, in the case of a sim card not being read it’s going to be one of three repairs. A manual reset of your network settings, a board repair or a sim reader repair.

If you want to find out which of these issues is affecting your phone, bring it in-store today for diagnosis.

Diagnosis can typically be completed same day. We can therefore get your phone back to you fully functioning as soon as possible.

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