An iPhone won't charge up due to a faulty lightening cable that is frayed and broken.

iPhone won’t charge? 6 Quick fixes to help power up

An iPhone that won’t charge is a frequent sighting in our repair shop. There can be many different reasons behind the root cause of the problem. However, here are some quick fixes that you can try if your iPhone won’t charge.

1. The wall outlet connection isn’t stable enough

The connection between the charger and wall socket is the most obvious solution, but one that is frequently overlooked. Make sure that there is a firm connection and that you’ve tested different wall sockets. This will ascertain whether it is a plug problem as to why your iPhone won’t charge.

2. Test your charging cable

Charging cables are in constant use as we seek to power-up throughout the day. What’s more, cables are often on the move with us and scrunched up in a bag or pocket when not in use. Therefore, the cable can become damaged.

Even though there may not be any obvious external signs of damage like splitting or fraying, the cable inside can become faulty after prolonged use. Exposed wires are a tell-tale sign that your charging cable needs to be replaced.

An iPhone doesn't charge due to a cable that has been wrapped up so the wires are damaged.

3. iPhone won’t charge because the charging accessories aren’t Apple certified

An iPhone won’t charge when using a non-Apple certified accessory. The iPhone may show a message such as “Accessory not supported” when charging. Cables from third parties are perfectly fine to use as long as they have a “Made for iPhone” label on them.

What’s more, make sure you have updated to the latest version of iOS. Otherwise, having a non-supported cable could well be your problem if you have tried cleaning your charging port.

4. Check the charging port for dirt

Dust, dirt and other debris in the charging port are a major reason why an iPhone won’t charge. Any accumulation of debris in the charging port will prevent the charging connections from properly working.

It’s best to back-up your iPhone before attempting to clean out any of the foreign matter. Once backed up to iCloud you can then attempt to clean out the dirt. Do not use a toothpick or any sharp objects. Instead try blowing or compressed air to remove the debris.

5. Plug in the iPhone for an extended period

If your iPhone is completely dead it can take a period of charging before it comes back to life. Plug in the handset to charge and the dead battery symbol should appear after 5-10 minutes.

If you see this symbol appear then continue charging. Otherwise a diagnostic check with a professional iPhone repair shop will help you identify the root issue behind why your iPhone doesn’t charge up.

Battery problems can be behind charging issues and so it is wise to check the battery health.

An iPhone charging up in a wall socket.

6. iPhone doesn’t charge due to a software glitch

Ultimately, iOS decides whether to charge the iPhone when it is plugged in. The software controls the link between the battery and charging port.

Therefore, you could have a software problem if the iPhone doesn’t charge up. Restarting the iPhone can solve this software glitch.

If a forced restart doesn’t work then visit an iPhone repair shop that specialises in this issue such as us at We Solve All. We can get to the bottom of any iPhone not charging issues that you may have. The iPhone could just require a charging port clean. The handset may also need a charging port repair if it has become disconnected or is not working.

Our dedicated team can run a diagnostic test on your iPhone. We’ll subsequently know whether the charging port, a battery problem, cable or software is at fault for your iPhone doesn’t charge issue.

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