iCloud backup taking too long to upload data.

iCloud backup taking too long? How to speed it up and stop it taking forever

iCloud is Apple’s seamless backup and restore system. The program is pre-installed on all devices like iPhone and iPad. Furthermore, the system just needs activating to run quietly in the background. However, with more photos, videos and data come longer backup times. Therefore, if you are suffering from an iCloud backup taking too long situation, how can we speed it up and stop it taking forever?

Wi-Fi speed can slow iCloud backups down

Most Apple users are conducting their iCloud backups over Wi-Fi. If your Wi-Fi speed connection is slow for uploading and downloading then this can make your iCloud backup take forever.

Try evaluating your Wi-Fi with a service such as Speedtest or Broadband Speed Checker to see how fast it is. What’s more, switching from a 2.4GHz to 5GHz connection can improve speed as far less devices operate on this narrower frequency.

Streamline your iCloud backup taking too long

When everything on your iPhone or iPad is enabled for backup then the size can increase significantly as a result. Programs like Photos or WhatsApp are the main culprits and can lead to an iCloud backup taking forever. What’s more, other backup services, such as Dropbox and Google Drive, may also get included.

How to exclude Apps from iCloud backup

Apps like WhatsApp can store vast amounts of data in iCloud, especially if you save every photo and video to your camera roll.

Be selective in what you save

Firstly, turn off media auto download. Once in WhatsApp go to “Media > Settings > Storage and Data” and select Wi-Fi for photos and videos to save some data.

Next, go to “Settings > Chats” and turn off “Save to Camera Roll”. Doing this will enable you to chose what to save and what will eventually get backed up.

Furthermore, go to “Settings > Chats > Chat Backup” and turn off “include videos”. In this way only the media you want will be backed up in iCloud.

Image of the WhatsApp backup disable video on an iPhone screen.

How to disable an app from backing up to iCloud

To go the extra mile, you can disable WhatsApp from backing up to iCloud completely and turn it off. Go to the iPhone or iPad settings menu and then the Apple ID profile menu. Select “iCloud” and scroll down to find “WhatsApp” and toggle it off. In this way iCloud won’t include it in the backup.

How to turn off individual apps from being included in an iCloud backup.

You can also toggle off other Apps from the iCloud backup if you don’t wish for them to be included.

Disable photos from iCloud if they’re backed up elsewhere

If you are using a backup service such as Google Photos or OneDrive then you can also disable photos from the iCloud backup. Duplication of your images and videos across backup services will therefore be avoided. In turn this process will also stop iCloud backup taking too long.

In the “Apple ID > iCloud” menu go to “Photos” and toggle off the “iCloud Photos” option. The iCloud backup will be faster and much smaller as a result.

How to disable photos if an iCloud backup taking too long to do.

Connect to a power source for faster iCloud backups

iCloud backups only occur when the iPhone or iPad is on Wi-Fi, locked and connected to a power source.

Anytime the Apple device is disconnected or removed from the charger, backing up to iCloud is paused. Therefore, resist temptation to remove the iPhone or iPad from the charger to avoid an iCloud backup taking too long situation. As a result, the process will be faster and stop the iCloud backup taking forever.

Disable big downloads to stop iCloud backup taking forever

Downloading movies, TV shows and music can effect how long an iCloud backup takes. Disabling downloading of your favourite shows or movies for offline viewing will utilise more Wi-Fi bandwidth for the iCloud backup process. As a result, the backup will be faster and you’ll avoid an iCloud backup taking too long to complete.

How to avoid iCloud backup taking too long overall

By following these simple tips the size of an iCloud backup can be significantly reduced and the speed improved. Streamlining and spring-cleaning your iCloud backup process will make backups faster. Furthermore, iCloud will have more space to make your storage plan go further.

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