Forget phone password lock screen.

How to unlock any iPhone without typing in a passcode or using face ID

There has been a recent trend of late to find methods of unlocking you phone while wearing a mask, the obvious one being typing in your pin code.

With the current situation unlocking your iPhone to look at a key piece of information can be tricky. This is especially true if you are fully decked out in PPE or are simply not looking to spread germs to your phone screen.

We recently covered a method of how to unlock your phone while wearing a mask, we have now had the opportunity to test this with many people with different models of iPhone and have found mixed results.

The Tik Tok method to iPhone unlocking without using a passcode or Face ID

More recently on Apps like Tik Tok and Instagram there has been a viral trend of videos stating they have a method for unlocking any iPhone without using a pin code or face ID.

While there are a number of methods out there. They all seem to follow a similar trend of entering your phone camera or calculator from the control panel.

An example of one of these methods is below if you want to try it yourself.

  1. Swipe down on your control panel while covering your camera Face ID. If you are on an older iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 then swipe up.
  2. Turn off your, Wi-Fi, Data and Bluetooth. Turn on Aeroplane mode.
  3. Enter into you calculator, type in a decimal place.
  4. Turn your phone sideways to enter scientific mode, press “IN”, then Press “Rand”
  5. Swipe up on your device and it’s unlocked.

A man trying to take a screenshot on an iPhone.

If you have tried this you will find that this does unlock your device and get you onto the home page. However, it is little more than a deceptive illusion.

Although you have covered your camera at the start of this process, while turning off all of these meaningless settings the camera has had plenty of time to validate your face and unlock the phone, so by the you are into your calculator your phone is already unlocked.

All of the steps are just put in place to distract you from the fact your phone has already been unlocked by your face. This life hack is nothing more than a viral hoax.

The real way to unlock an iPhone without a passcode or Face ID

If you came here looking for a genuine new way to unlock your device and are disappointed, don’t worry, we do actually have a new method for you. It requires a little set-up but is well worth the effort.

  1. Activate Voice control. This can be found in settings under accessibility or you can search voice control in the search bar. Set up screen to unlock iPhone voice command gesture.
  2. Create a new custom command.
  3. Type in the phrase you want to use to open your device we have used “Open” but you can use whatever you want.
  4. Press “Run custom Gesture” and type on the screen where your passcode would be, for example if your passcode is 1111 you would need to press top left four times.
  5. Create a new gesture to unlock iPhone with voice command.
  6. Once completed press save and give it a go. Head to you lock screen and use your phrase to run the gesture.
  7. Unlocking an iPhone with voice command gesture.
  8. If you find that your button presses are a little bit off or a bit slow then edit the gesture until it is how you want it to be.

This is really useful if you find that you cannot easily type in your passcode or your device is not reading your face ID.

On another note if you find yourself locked out of your iPhone we also have a guide for that. What’s more, we also have information available if you are having issues with your Face ID or Touch ID.

If you find either of these guides does not resolve your issue, message us here on live chat or book your device in for the necessary repair as described in these resources.

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