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How to get a broken iPhone 8 quickly repaired

The Apple iPhone 8 was launched to great fanfare in 2017. The phone featured an all glass body that enabled wireless charging and an improved A11 processor. The device was an upgrade on the iPhone 7 and featured some of the good stuff from the iPhone X. However, if your cherished handset stops working, how do you get a broken iPhone 8 quickly repaired?

iPhone owners know the pain that comes with a broken handset. Whether it was dropped on a night out and the screen was smashed or it fell in water and now wont turn on, there is a way to get a broken iPhone 8 repaired.

How to get a broken iPhone 8 screen quickly repaired

A broken iPhone 8 screen can cause issues with visibility. Maybe the display is just a blank screen or it has unusual lines appearing on it. Furthermore, maybe the touch screen of your Apple device has become unresponsive.

Using diagnostic equipment is the best way to assess whether the phone is damaged beyond just the screen. What’s more, replacing the LCD at the same time as the screen glass, as these two components are mounted together, will restore the iPhone 8 display.

Does a cracked screen affect your iPhone?

A cracked screen can affect your iPhone in a number of ways. Firstly, the touch screen will become unresponsive and often may not work at all. Secondly, the internal parts of your phone can become exposed to dust or water damage from rain or splashes. Thirdly, depending on the level of iPhone screen damage, it may cause splinters or cuts to your fingers.

How much will it cost to fix an iPhone 8 screen?

An affordable iPhone 8 screen replacement will cost approximately £70 overall. The repair usually includes an LCD replacement at the same time to solve any issues with the clarity of the display itself. A new iPhone LCD will rid your device of unusual lines on the display or the blank screen that can be the result of the impact of dropping the phone.

Get an iPhone 8 screen quickly repaired for a crystal clear display.

Get an iPhone 8 screen quickly repaired for a crystal clear display.

What if my iPhone 8 won’t turn on?

If your iPhone 8 won’t turn on there are a number of potential issues from it being stuck in sleep mode to requiring an iPhone 8 battery replacement. Furthermore, maybe the charging cable is one that is not recognised by the phone and needs changing. In addition, the iPhone charging port may also need replacing if it is loose or shakes in the casing.

A water-damaged iPhone 8 that won’t turn on should be brought in to a repair shop immediately. The quicker the water damage can be assessed will see a greater chance of recovering the phone.

A professional diagnostic test will help resolve the cause of why the iPhone 8 wont turn on issue. The appropriate repairs can then be carried out.

How about if my battery is dying quickly?

Firstly, try updating to the latest iOS. Apple has had several iOS updates that have resulted in faster than usual battery drain.

If updating the operating system doesn’t work then consider an iPhone 8 Battery replacement. As the battery gets older it won’t hold the charge as well as it used to. As a result, the battery drains much faster than normal, especially with intensive CPU processes.

When should I replace an iPhone 8 battery?

Once the iPhone 8 battery has passed 500 charges, it often needs to be replaced.

Start by checking the health of the iPhone 8 battery. Just go to Settings > Battery and Battery Health. This screen will give you an idea of the state of the battery’s maximum capacity compared to when it was new. Underneath the maximum battery capacity is the peak performance – a measure of how well the battery is running.

The battery health screen will give you a good idea if you need a new one. However, if the message “Your battery’s health is significantly degraded” appears then it should be replaced.

A new iPhone 8 battery replacement for a longer lasting handset.

A new iPhone 8 battery replacement for a longer lasting handset.

How much does an iPhone 8 battery replacement cost?

An affordable iPhone 8 battery replacement will cost approximately £45 overall.

How to get a broken iPhone 8 repaired quickly and easily in Norwich

Broken iPhone 8 issues can certainly become worse if they are not repaired. Therefore, come and see us in our Norwich iPhone repair shop. If you’re short on time or working from home, use our call out service and we can come to you. For your convenience, we also offer a iPhone 8 repair by post service whereby you can mail your device to us.

Therefore, just like fixing an iPhone 8 plus it’s easy to get your broken iPhone 8 repaired quickly as well. Our expert technicians have the skills and expertise to conduct any iPhone 8 repair. We use professional diagnostic equipment to offer a no obligation assessment of the phone. If you are happy to proceed, we can then get your broken iPhone quickly repaired.

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