A Samsung phone battery draining fast on a Galaxy Fold handset.

How To Fix Samsung Phone Battery Draining Fast

Samsung phones can sometimes struggle with battery life. That can mean a Samsung phone battery draining fast and occasionally this problem happens even while charging. Sometimes the battery is faulty. However, the problem can often be with the settings and options selected. If you need to fix Samsung phone battery drain then try our solutions before getting a replacement.

Examine your battery usage

Checking your battery usage should be your first port of call. Firstly, find the “Settings” app and scroll down to “Battery and device care”. Select “Battery” and then you’ll find a list of which apps are consuming the most power.

You can subsequently decide whether to uninstall the app if you don’t use it. You can also check to see if there is an update available in the Google Play Store that solves the battery drain issue.

Optimise to minimise Samsung phone battery drain

The second option in the “Battery and Device Care” menu is to optimise the battery.

Tapping the “Optimise Now” button will see the Samsung phone check for high battery usage, fix app crashes and close background apps.

Device protection can reduce battery drain

The third option to try in the “Battery and device care” menu is “Device Protection”. This option checks for malicious files and spyware that can cause Samsung phone battery draining fast issues.

Once in the ”Settings > Battery and Device Care” menu, tap “Device Protection” and turn it on. This will enable device protection mode to remove viruses and spyware.

Stop location hungry apps

Some apps can use a lot of location data, even when they are running in the background. These apps can be stopped from drawing data and causing Samsung phone battery drain.

Head to “Settings > Location” which will show which apps have recently been using your location. In this menu you can either change an app to the “Only Allow While Using App” option or select “Don’t Allow” to cut it off completely.

You can also consider turning off the “Use Precise Location” option, as this is only necessary for maps based apps.

A Samsung phone battery draining fast on a Galaxy S21 Ultra handset.

Are you using always on display?

The “Always On Display” option can be quite power consuming by having your phone’s screen constantly on.

Head to “Settings > Lock Screen” and turn the “Always On Display” toggle to off. You can also schedule times for the always-on display function if you need this option for notifications and this will preserve battery life at other times.

Change the display refresh rate

Samsung phones with a 90Hz or 120Hz refresh rate can be reduced to 60Hz in order to increase battery life. This will sacrifice smoothness for longer between charges, but can help if you are experiencing Samsung phone battery draining fast.

Go to “Settings > Display > Motion Smoothness” and select the “Standard” option. Tap “Apply” and see if this helps your Samsung battery drain issues.

Ensure your using a reliable charger

It’s always best to use a Samsung charger with their phones. Third party chargers can lead to issues such as battery drain. Therefore, it’s best to use an official Samsung charger to ensure that this isn’t the cause of your battery drain problem.

Get a replacement to fix Samsung phone battery draining fast

If you have tried these solutions in this how to guide then it’s best to get a Samsung battery replacement from a mobile phone repair shop. A free diagnostic test will tell you if the battery needs to be replaced or not. If the handset does require a new battery then a professional installer can fit one.

Talk to use at We Solve All if you are experiencing problems with Samsung phone battery draining fast. What’s more, we can also help with Samsung battery drains even when turned off or if it is not charging at all. As a result, we can get to the bottom of any Samsung battery issues you may have.

If you need help with iPhone battery draining fast then we can fix that issue for you as well. Our team are fully versed in all makes and models of phone in order to carry out professional battery replacements.

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