An iPhone battery draining while charging plugged in to a wall unit with a cable.

How to fix iPhone battery draining while charging

iPhone batteries are usually incredibly durable. However, sometimes we hear from a customer that is experiencing iPhone battery drain while charging which is a concern. As a result, we’re usually asked what can de done to fix it. Therefore these are our hints, tips and a how to guide to fix iPhone battery draining while charging.

Use certified cables and chargers

It’s always a good idea to use cable and chargers that are made for iPhone.

The original accessories that come with the iPhone are the best choice. In this way you’ll ensure that this is not the reason your iPhone battery is draining while charging.

If you no longer have the original accessories or you have a newer iPhone that now doesn’t include a wall charger then buy one that is specifically made for iPhone.

Furthermore, if the iPhone battery is draining while charging wirelessly then try with a cable.

Check for an inadequate power supply to fix iPhone battery draining while charging

If an iPhone is not hooked up to an adequate power supply then it can drain while charging.

Consider getting a fast or high-powered charger that is made for iPhone. Most of these are 20W USB-C fast chargers that do the job, but up to 65W models are also available.

Is optimised charging the issue why your iPhone battery drains while charging?

Apple developed optimised charging to aid battery life and health. While it’s a great feature it can occasionally lead to an iPhone battery draining while charging.

In order to disable optimised charging and see if this fixes your problem. Go to “Settings > Battery > Battery Health” and turn off the “Optimised Battery Charging” slider.

Turning off this feature can mean that you affect your battery’s health in the long run. However, as a test, it can tell you if this is the problem behind your iPhone battery draining while charging issue.

Fix iPhone battery drain while charging check battery health and capacity menu.

Does your battery need replacing?

Check the health of your battery to see if it needs replacing. Older battery units may not have the power any more to perform the tasks that you need it to.

In order to check battery health on your iPhone, go to “Settings > Battery > Battery Health”. If the percentage is less than 80% then consider getting a battery replacement.

We Solve All specialise in iPhone battery replacement for all models. So, have a look for your iPhone model and get a new unit that will fix your battery draining while charging issue.

iPhone battery draining while charging replacement power unit.

Let the iPhone charge

If the iPhone is performing resource heavy tasks while charging then this is probably the reason behind the battery drain. Try not to play games, watch videos or perform resource intense tasks when charging up. What’s more, this can cause excessive heat and battery performance is lost as a result.

Furthermore, close all apps running in the background by swiping up on them from the app switcher. A rogue app may be causing the battery drain.

Check iOS and rogue apps

It has been known for iOS updates to cause issues with battery drain or rogue apps that consume power. Check for iOS updates in “Settings > General > Software Update”.

Furthermore, use the App Store to update to latest versions of all of your apps. Even consider deleting apps you no longer use.

Calibrate your iPhone battery

If your iPhone is not reading the battery then calibrating it can work.

In order to re-calibrate the battery, firstly allow it to completely drain through normal use.

Next, turn the phone off and leave it for at least two hours.

Thirdly, plug the phone in to charge so that it can do so in “off” mode.

Finally, allow the phone to fully charge and leave it for another hour or so once it has hit 100%. Then turn the phone off and restart it again so that it can re-calibrate the battery level. In this way the iPhone gets a more accurate reading of how much charge is in the battery since it has fully discharged and been re-charged again.

Poor Apple iPhone battery health means a replacement unit needs to be installed by an expert.

How to fix iPhone battery draining while charging overall

On some rare occasions in our shop we see an iPhone that has a battery drain while charging issue. Try the hints and tips here to fix iPhone battery draining while charging.

We can also help with iPhone battery draining fast and if you are experiencing wireless charging not working. So, come and talk to us about your iPhone not charging issues.

If the problem persists then come and see us in our iPhone repair Norwich shop. We can conduct a free diagnostic test and let you know what the problem is.

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