Apple CarPlay not working on a Mercedes Benz vehicle.

How to fix Apple CarPlay not working or connecting with iPhone

Apple CarPlay is great when it’s working as it should. However there are times when it can disconnect. So how do you fix Apple CarPlay not working or connecting with your iPhone? This handy how-to guide will take you through some quick fixes and solutions for Apple CarPlay not connecting Audi, Mercedes, VW, Skoda, BMW and many more makes and models of vehicle.

Quick fixes everyone should try if Apple CarPlay not working as it should be

There are a number of quick fixes you can try to sort your Apple CarPlay not working problem. Firstly, try restarting the car infotainment system and your iPhone as a reset can quickly solve most problems. Secondly, make sure that both Siri and CarPlay are both enabled. You can check this within the “Settings” menu in “Siri & Search” and “General > CarPlay”.

These are quick fixes. So, if running these resets hasn’t worked, it’s time to try some more involved solutions.

Allow Siri and CarPlay when the iPhone is locked

Both Siri and CarPlay should be allowed when the iPhone is locked. In order to turn these options on we need to complete a couple of simple steps.

Enabling CarPlay when the iPhone is locked

A locked iPhone can make Apple CarPlay not connecting with iPhone an issue.

In order to enable Apple CarPlay when the iPhone is locked head to “Settings > General > CarPlay”. Select your car from the list and toggle on the “Allow CarPlay while locked” option.

Enable Siri to fix Apple CarPlay not working

Siri allows your iPhone to connect with CarPlay using the hands-free functionality.

In order to allow Siri to operate whilst the iPhone is locked, head to “Settings > Siri & Search”.

Enable the “Listen for “Hey Siri”” option. Similarly, enable the “Press Side Button for Siri” option as well.

Finally, enable the “Allow Siri When Locked Option”. Making these adjustments to your settings should solve your Apple CarPlay not connecting issue.

Apple CarPlay not working whilst driving a VW.

Turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Apple CarPlay can be used both wirelessly and with a wired cable. If you are using it wirelessly then both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi need to be turned on.

Head to the “Settings” menu on your iPhone and ensure that both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are enabled.

Your iPhone should now be able to communicate with your car infotainment system. Your Apple CarPlay not working issue may now be solved as a result of this step.

Does your iPhone need a Wi-Fi Antenna or Bluetooth repair?

If the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi functions are not working on your iPhone then you may need to get a repair to fix them. Our iPhone repair Norwich shop can sort Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity issues.

Try a USB cable if wireless Apple CarPlay not connecting

Apple CarPlay can also work with a USB cable. Therefore try this solution if there is a problem with Apple CarPlay not connecting wirelessly.

If the wired solution sees your Apple CarPlay working once more, you need to pair your car again with your smartphone. Do this in “Settings > General CarPlay”.

Apple CarPlay menu screen.

Update iOS if Apple CarPlay not working

A simple step to try, but ensure you are using the latest version of iOS. The Apple operating system for iPhone is updated frequently. Therefore, ensure you are running the newest version. If you need help updating iOS then use our handy guide to do it.

Update your car infotainment system

Whilst your iPhone may be up-to-date with the latest software, your car infotainment system may not be. All systems are different so check your car user manual on how to update the infotainment system so that it is also on it’s latest version.

Is your iPhone data connection working?

The apps and services within Apple CarPlay require an active data connection to work properly. Therefore, ensure your iPhone has a live data connection that is functioning normally. In this way you won’t experience Apple CarPlay not connecting with iPhone and stopping apps like Google Maps working.

Apple CarPlay not connecting with Google Maps in an Audi.

Reconnect CarPlay with your car

If you are still struggling with Apple CarPlay not working then try reconnecting the service with your vehicle.

Head to “Settings > General > CarPlay” and tap on your vehicle. On the next screen that appears, tap “Forget This Car” and this will remove the vehicle.

The next step is to subsequently add your car again. Ensure that both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are enabled before setting up the car once more.

Apple CarPlay infotainment system in a BMW electric car.

Fix Apple CarPlay not connecting Audi, VW, Mercedes, Skoda, BMW, Citroen and more makes and models

Whatever your make and model of car, these solutions should get you back on the road. Apple CarPlay not connecting Audi, VW, Mercedes, BMW, Citroen, Skoda can be a frustrating problem to have. However, these fixes should solve most connectivity issues.

When Apple CarPlay is working as it should it can make access to apps and music much easier for a smoother car ride. However, when in a situation where Apple CarPlay is not working or connecting properly then these solutions should help fix the problem.

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