An iPhone screen goes black during call so there is nothing on the display.

How to stop iPhone screen goes black during call

Making a phone call on an iPhone is its primary function. There are usually a raft of options that can be utilised on screen such as loudspeaker, keypad and mute. However, what do you do if you can’t access those options and the iPhone screen fails to turn on during call? Here’s how to fix iPhone screen goes black during call issue without needing a repair.

Clean the proximity sensor

The proximity sensor can collect a lot of dirt, dust and debris. Therefore, it can become blocked or covered, causing it to turn the screen off.

You can try blowing the dust off the top edge of the screen. Furthermore, give the sensor a wipe with a microfibre cloth to clean it.

Adjust the sensor if iPhone screen goes black during call

If the sensor develops a fault and cannot sense anything then it will turn the screen black during a call. Therefore, try updating the phone to the latest version of iOS.

If updating iOS doesn’t work then try to reset all settings. To do this process, go to “Settings > General > Reset All Settings”.

This function will keep your data in tact but will reset the settings to their factory defaults. Combine this with a restart of your iPhone and this should kick start the proximity sensor to work properly again.

An iPhone screen fails to turn on during a call so there is a blank display.

Try the power button

If the proximity sensor is not kicking in as it should, then you can manually activate the screen.

To do this, take the phone away from your ear and push the power button. A single click of the power button should activate the screen and override the proximity sensor.

Disable the reduced motion setting if iPhone screen fails to turn on during call

The accessibility functions on an iPhone are a great addition for many users. However they can also cause things like the iPhone screen fails to turn on during call.

The reduce motion option in the accessibility menu stops animations and can speed up old iPhones. Turning this setting off can resolve the iPhone screen goes black during call issue.

Go to “Settings > Accessibility > Motion “ and turn off the “Reduce Motion” option.

When should you get a repair for the iPhone screen goes black during calls issue?

If you have tried the solutions above then it is worth seeking a diagnostic test from a mobile phone repair shop. The diagnostic test should be free and will clear up why the iPhone screen goes black during calls.

Based on the results of the diagnostic test the repair shop can best advise what is needed to return the iPhone to normal. In this way the screen will only deactivate when the iPhone is held to the ear and will turn on again when taken away.

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