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How To Improve Apple Watch Battery Life

The Apple Watch is a fantastic fitness tracker and smart watch. However Apple Watch battery life is the one complaint many of its users have. Every day it needs to be charged up. This fact can therefore mean that it doesn’t track all of your activities, such as sleep.

So, what can we do to improve Apple Watch battery life? Here is a helpful information guide on some top tips to prolong its usage and combat Apple Watch battery drain.

Disable the always-on display setting to improve Apple Watch battery life

Starting with the Apple Watch Series 5, the “Always On” display allowed it to function like a regular watch face. There was no longer the need to tap the face to view the display.

Apple Watch battery drain is experienced when the screen is set to "Always On".

However, at the expense of convenience there is a trade off in Apple Watch battery life. Therefore, if you can live without this feature then turning it off can seriously prolong the battery life.

To turn off the “Always On” display feature, firstly open the “Watch” app on your iPhone. Subsequently, scroll down to “Display & Brightness” and then tap the “Always On” tab. Finally, turn off the “Always On” toggle button and you’re done.

Location of the Apple Watch "Display & Brightness" settings menu.

However, remember you’ll now have to tap the Apple Watch face in order to wake it.

Disable the wake on wrist raise gesture

In combination with turning off the “Always On” feature, disabling “Raise To Wake” will also improve Apple Watch battery life.

The “Wake On Wrist Raise” setting turns the screen on when you lift your arm. Another convenient setting, but it does cost battery life.

Therefore, in order to turn this feature off, head to the “Watch” app once again. Scroll down to find the “Display & Brightness” settings. Locate the “Wake On Wrist Raise” option and disable it.

The settings menu to improve Apple Watch battery life by turning off the "Wake On Wrist Raise" function.

Reduce the Wake Duration setting to combat Apple Watch battery drain

Apple Watch battery life drains the more the screen is on. Therefore reducing the time it is awake once the display is active can help improve this.

Therefore in order to reduce the time the Apple Watch screen is active, go in to the “Watch” app once more.

Scroll down to find the “Display & Brightness” settings. Locate “Wake Duration” and tap it.

The settings menu to improve Apple Watch battery life by reducing the "Wake Duration" period.

On the following menu screen, select the “Wake For 15 Seconds” option. Selecting a shorter wake duration will therefore mean that the Apple Watch display remains on for a shorter period of time. Thus battery life will improve as a result.

The settings menu to improve Apple Watch battery drain by reducing the "Wake Duration" time in seconds.

Changing this setting, combined with disabling the “Always On’ and “Raise To Wake” features, should improve Apple Watch battery life significantly.

Use a basic watch face

The more data that is shown on the Apple Watch face, the more it has to expend on updating these stats and features. Functions, such as updating the weather and activity rings, are done so at the expense of battery life.

Setting a more basic watch face with just the date and time will help prolong battery life. What’s more, choosing a black screen background consumes less power as well.

Turn off Siri to improve Apple Watch battery life

The Siri feature is a great part of iOS which is useful on the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. However, it does require the microphone to be constantly active, listening for the command.

Apple Watch Siri settings menu.

In order to turn off Siri, open the “Watch” app once more. Scroll down to find the “Siri” option. Then turn off the radio button next to the “Listen for “Hey Siri””.

The settings menu to improve Apple Watch battery drain by disabling Siri functionality.

You can also turn off the “Raise To Speak” function while in this menu.

Utilise Power Reserve mode

The “Power Reserve” mode helps the Apple Watch last longer, especially when you have a low battery.

In order to activate “Power Reserve” mode follow these simple steps.

Firstly, swipe up from the bottom of the screen on the Apple Watch itself. Secondly, tap on the battery percentage tab. A green slider will now appear at the bottom of the Watch screen with “Power Reserve” written next to it. Drag this slider to the right and the Apple Watch will enter “Power Reserve Mode”.

Activating this setting should give you additional battery life. What’s more, the feature also affords you time to find a charger.

Get an Apple Watch battery replacement

If, after making all of these changes to your settings, your Apple Watch battery is still draining fast, then consider getting a replacement. An Apple Watch battery replacement will give your smart watch a new lease of life.

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Improve your Apple Watch battery life overall

We’d all love the Apple Watch to last for days, but this simply isn’t a reality, yet. If you are experiencing Apple Watch battery life issues then these tips and tricks will help prolong the time taken afforded to you between charges.

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