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How To Identify Your Apple Watch Model

We recently wrote an article on iOS 14.5 in which Apple is making its Watch products more useful by allowing them to be used to unlock your Apple devices. To help you identify which Apple Watch model you own and its series, we’ve put together a useful guide.

Apple Watches can be a confusing line-up to get your head around. Unlike iPhones most of these devices look identical and don’t have many distinguishing features to tell the difference between them. Unless you get them new out of the box.

How to identify your Apple Watch model

The easiest way to know how to identify your Apple watch model is to go into the app on your iPhone.

Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

  1. Tap the My Watch tab, then tap General > About.
  2. Find the Model field. You should see the part number that begins with “M”.
  3. Tap the Model field. You should see the field update to show a five-digit number that begins with “A”. This is your model number.
  4. Compare your model number to the ones below.

Apple Watch Model Name

Apple Watch Model Number

Apple Watch 1st Generation 38mm Model


Apple Watch 1st Generation 42mm Model







Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + Cellular 38mm Model


Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + Cellular 42mm Model


Apple Watch Series 4 GPS + Cellular 40mm Model


Apple Watch Series 4 GPS + Cellular 44mm Model






Apple Watcher Series 5 GPS + Cellular 40mm Model


Apple Watcher Series 5 GPS + Cellular 44mm Model




Apple Watch Series 6 GPS + Cellular 40mm Model


Apple Watch Series 6 GPS + Cellular 44mm Model




Apple Watch SE GPS + Cellular 40mm Model


Apple Watch SE GPS + Cellular 44mm Model


Now that you know which Apple Watch model you own it can be very easy to purchase accessories such as screen protectors, cases or watch straps as this is a very customizable piece of tech-wear.

Looking to buy?

If you are a first-time buyer looking to pick up an Apple Watch your options can seem quite confusing.

There are dozens of models available to purchase from Apple suppliers and a lot of buzz-words and high-tech jargon in the descriptions for these products. What’s more, many different prices are listed for each of these.

In this guide we are going to focus on the three watches currently available directly and explain why each of them might be right for you.

These are the Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch SE and the Apple Watch Series 6.
While these devices are fairly similar and as the latest versions of the Apple Watch share many features, like the eject water function, there are some key design differences.

Apple watch face white band.

Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch Series 3 is the smallest version available, coming in two sizes 38mm and 42mm. The watch features wireless charging, Bluetooth pairing and is 50m water resistant.

Of course it can be used to track your pulse via its optical heart sensor and has notifications for when your heart rate is too high or too low. The watch also features GPS tracking and emergency SOS if anything goes wrong.

In terms of customisation, you can of course choose to have the case in silver or space grey in aluminium.

It’s a good purchase if you are looking to pick up an entry level model into this line and you are not to fussed by the features or customization options only found in the new versions.

Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch SE is part of the newest generation as such comes with a 33% bigger display than all of the previous models like the 1,2,3 and four. It comes in two sizes 40mm and 44mm and comes alongside all of the features found in the series 3.

The main difference is the addition of a cellular version, which has its own sim card and allows your watch to function without the need for a phone nearby. Finally the SOS calling has been upgraded and can be triggered automatically if the watch detects you have been in some sort of accident or fall.

It also features an internal compass. Again this version only comes in aluminium, which is 100% recycled and is available in the colours silver, space grey and gold.

This is a good buy if you are someone who frequently leaves their phone behind at home or in their handbag as this device does not need to be in close proximity to function. It also has a much clearer and bigger display for quicker and easier reading.

Apple Watch Series 6

Finally, we have the latest Apple Watch Series 6, which is the most customizable and has the most features of all of the watches so far.

It has everything listed so far as well as the addition of a blood oxygen detector and ECG system for better monitoring of your health.

It’s also available in several different materials. Aluminium, stainless steel and titanium alongside several colours: silver, space grey, gold, blue and red.

This is a good buy if you want a very personal unique watch with lots of features. There are many different versions available. By combining this with the dozens of straps available you can create a unique piece of tech wear.

Where Can I buy one?

The Best place to purchase is directly from Apple. This guarantees you receive the genuine article, as there are many fakes out there. Apple also offers you the most choice in terms of customisation.

If you are looking to buy anything outside of the Series 6, SE and Series 3, the best place to look would be Amazon. They list several of the older models, just make sure what you are buying is legitimate.

Do we repair Apple Watches?

Yes we repair Apple Watch. The majority of our repairs are Apple watch screen ad LCD replacements.

If you were looking for a repair on your Apple Watch the best thing you can do is message us on live chat. All we need is the make, model number, size and whether it’s a GPS or GPS and Cellular version. We can then get back in touch with a quotation.

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