An iPhone sound not working speaker issue is repaired in our workshop.

How To Fix iPhone Sound Not Working Issues

A lack of sound coming from your iPhone loudspeaker can be really infuriating. The issue may be something simple or could require a new speaker. Before seeking a repair, we have 7 quick tips to try and fix iPhone sound not working issues.

1. Check the ring / silent switch

The ring / silent switch on the side of the iPhone can easily get accidentally moved to the on position.

If upon checking the side of the iPhone there is an orange mark visible by the ring / silent switch then this is the cause of your iPhone sound problem. Moving the switch to the other position will restore iPhone sound.

2. Check the audio volume level

A lack of sound may just be a simple case of the audio volume level being too low or accidentally reduced.

Check in your iPhone settings if increasing it restores the sound. To check this, go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics. Look for the slider under “Ringer and Alerts” and move this towards the right. If you hear a sound then the speaker is working and you have found the solution to fix the iPhone sound not working problem.

If checking the audio volume doesn’t work then you may need an iPhone repair to put in a new speaker.

3. Check that “Do Not Disturb Mode” is not activated

If your iPhone has the do not disturb mode activated then it will be in silent mode.

Therefore, in order to restore the sound it will need to be turned off. Go to “Settings > Do Not Disturb” and set the slider to off. The sound on your iPhone should consequently be restored.

4. Is Bluetooth turned on and making your iPhone suddenly silent?

When Bluetooth is activated the iPhone sends sound signals to a device rather than the speaker. Therefore simply turning it off could restore the speaker back to working order.

Bluetooth can be turned off from the iPhone settings menu. This simple trick can often fix iPhone sound issues that occur from using the handset with Bluetooth accessories.

When an iPhone sound not working speaker issue is experienced try some headphones to see if they work.

5. If the iPhone sound not working issue remains then try some headphones

If your iPhone has a headphone jack then try it to see if they produce sound. A working pair of headphones could indicate a problem with an internal phone component such as the logic board.

6. Clean the speakers and receivers if you can’t hear sound

Sometimes dirt and dust can get trapped in the speaker opening or in the receiver. If necessary, clean these components with a soft, dry brush to see if this makes a difference.

7. Does a reset work to restore iPhone speaker sound?

A reset will often work to fix iPhone sound issues. Prior to doing a reset make sure that the iPhone is backed up properly. In this way you’ll have a backup of any photos or data that you wouldn’t want to lose.

In order to reset an iPhone go to “Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings”.

How to fix iPhone sound not working issues conclusion

Before spending money it’s best to try our quick fixes for iPhone sound not working problems.

If none of these work then an iPhone speaker repair could be needed. Come and see us for a chat about your phone or book a repair online. We can quickly tell you what’s wrong and how much it will cost to repair.

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