A client experiences no service iPhone issue due to a lost network connection.

How to fix your iPhone when it has no service

Seeing the no service message on iPhone can be a real cause for concern. We rely on our phones so much that being connected to our network for calls and data is imperative. So, how can you fix the no service on iPhone problem?

Try the Sim Card if your iPhone has no service

Firstly, start with the Sim Card. It could just simply be a case of removing and reinserting the Sim Card, as your iPhone was unable to read it.

Wait 30 seconds after removing the Sim Card to reinsert it. Furthermore, let the phone try and automatically connect to the network before trying manually.

Manually select your network

If connecting to your network automatically doesn’t work then try the manual approach.

To connect manually go to “Settings > Mobile Data > Network Selection”. Turn off the toggle button next to the “Automatic” option.

The iPhone will now search for a list of available networks. Choose your network provider from the list that appears. The iPhone will now connect to it and as a result your issue may well be solved.

A customer experiences no service on iPhone due to a Sim Card reader issue.

Have a valid service

Whilst this is obvious, if you have a contract or prepay plan, ensure that it hasn’t expired or been suspended. These issues can happen and can throw the no service iPhone error.

Try toggling Airplane mode

Try checking to make sure Airplane Mode hasn’t been turned on by accident. Also try turning Airplane Mode on, waiting a moment, and then switching it off again.

Airplane mode shuts down the network connectivity of your iPhone. Turning it on and then off again will encourage the iPhone to reconnect and search for the network once more.

Try a force restart

A force restart can fix connectivity issues such as no service on iPhone. In this way the iPhone will go through its start-up process again and this can force it in to reconnecting to your network provider.

To force restart an iPhone 6s or older handset, press and hold the home button and power button at the same time to shut the phone down and restart it.

For iPhone 7, press and hold the volume down key and power button at the same time. This will shut the iPhone off from where you can restart it again.

On iPhone 8 and newer handsets, press and release the volume up key and then the volume down key, before holding the side power button.

Reset the network settings to fix iPhone no service

This option will reset the iPhone’s network settings, which comes in handy when things aren’t running as they should.

Go to “Settings > General > Transfer or Rest iPhone”. Once inside this menu screen select “Reset” at the bottom and “Reset Network Settings” from the next menu that appears.

Give the iPhone time to progress through the reset and your network connection should be restored as a result.

How to fix your iPhone when it has no service overall

Try these handy tips in our how to guide before bringing your phone to a repair shop.

If you are still struggling with the no service iPhone problem then bring your phone to We Solve All. Our iPhone repair Norwich team can run a free diagnostic test to see which part of your handset is at fault. We can then fix the issue and have you back reconnected to your network again.

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