A fix iPhone camera lag where the app was slow to open job in our shop.

How to fix iPhone camera lag

iPhone camera lag can be a situation that many Apple handsets suffer from. Over time, the camera app can be used so often that it can lag and delay when opening or just has a black screen. So, how can we fix iPhone camera lag when it happens?

Close all open apps

Firstly, close all of the apps that are open. The iPhone is great at managing multiple apps, keeping them active in the background. However, this does consume memory and thus having too many apps open can cause camera lag or a delay when you need it quickly.

Closing all the open apps on your iPhone will free up memory resource to use the camera. Furthermore, ensure that you have updated your iPhone to run the latest version of iOS. This will ensure that the camera app is up-to-date and not still encountering any bugs.

Free up storage space

Ideally, your iPhone should have at least 1GB of storage space. If it doesn’t then it’s time for a spring clean.

Firstly, delete any unused or wanted apps. What’s more, delete any pictures to create storage space. More importantly, delete videos to free up some storage space and help fix iPhone camera lag.

How to fix iPhone camera lag by turning off live photo

Live photo is a neat feature that captures a small moment before and after the shutter is pressed. The camera app then stitches these together to create a short animation sequence.

While live photo is a nice iPhone feature, it also uses memory to record. Therefore turning live photo off via the icon in the top right hand corner of the screen will help free up memory for the camera app. In turn this should fix iPhone camera lag. As a result, you can now use the camera app without any delays.

How to fix iPhone camera lag by turning off live photo mode.

Turn off low power mode to fix iPhone camera delay

Low power mode is great to extend battery life between charges. However, while battery life is extended some background processes won’t run and this can affect the camera app.

Go to “Settings > Battery > low power mode” in order to turn the function off. If you’re using Wi-Fi you need to turn off “Low Data Mode” in the “Settings > Wi-Fi” menu. This tweak should be how to fix iPhone camera delay for many people.

Turn off VoiceOver to fix iPhone camera too slow to load

Accessibility is a key feature of the iPhone. There are numerous ways that iPhone makes itself accessible to all. From assistive touch to a virtual home button or Siri voice commands, the iPhone certainly adapts itself for any user.

VoiceOver is a part of the iPhone accessibility suite of options. Turning it off has seen a number of users fix iPhone camera lag. Go to “Settings > Accessibility > VoiceOver’ to turn it off.

How to fix iPhone camera delay by turning off the VoiceOver option.

How to fix iPhone camera lag overall

iPhone camera lag is a frequent issue that we see in our shop. Furthermore, if you also need help to fix iPhone camera focus not working or taking blurry photos, we can certianly help with lens repairs and replacements.

If you are suffering with iPhone camera lag and have tried the tips above then talk to us. Our experienced technicians use the latest diagnostic equipment and can help you with how to fix iPhone camera delay. In this way, you can avoid a slow opening camera app or a black screen and get back to taking photos.

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