An iPhone battery draining fast that needs to be put on charge.

How to fix iPhone battery draining fast

An iPhone battery draining fast can be due to a number of issues. Maybe it’s just an old battery that needs replacing. However, there could be something else that is causing your iPhone battery to drain quickly.

How do I stop my iPhone battery from draining so fast?

If you are experiencing a sudden drop in battery performance then the following tips and tricks in our how-to guide could lead you to a solution. Implementing some or all of these fixes could see your battery life much improved or returned to normal.

Enable auto-brightness for extended battery life

Firstly, start with auto-brightness. If this is not turned on then try enabling it. Maxing brightness levels or having the screen always on can significantly drain the battery. Therefore, using auto-brightness will have your iPhone dimming the screen when less backlight is needed.

Go in to “Settings > Accessibility > Display and Text Size” and scroll down to the last option, which is auto-brightness. Next, turn on this “Auto-Brightness” option.

Couple with enabling auto-brightness, try using dark mode. Using dark mode doesn’t illuminate the screen as much and therefore battery life is improved.

To enable dark mode, head to: “Settings > Display and Brightness” and select “Dark” from the appearance menu.

An iPhone battery draining fast that has been put in dark mode.

Turn off raise to wake in order to fix iPhone battery draining fast

In addition to enabling auto-brightness and dark mode, try turning off raise to wake. This option can see the iPhone turn itself on throughout the day when you are moving around, even though you are not using the handset itself.

Go to “Settings > Display and Brightness” and turn off the “Raise to Wake” option.

Disabling the raise to wake function can stop an iPhone battery draining fast.

Turn off background app refresh to extend battery life

Background app refresh allows apps to fetch new data whilst you are not using your phone. If you have a lot of apps then this can eat in to not only battery life, but also data allowances as well.

Go to “Settings > General > Background App Refresh”. On the subsequent screen, turn off any apps that you do not need to update in the background.

Reduce location services if iPhone battery is bad

Apps that are constantly fetching location data can drain your iPhone battery quickly. Unwanted apps can have their location services restricted, which can help with iPhone battery draining fast issues.

To restrict apps go to “Settings > Privacy > Location Services”. Select an app and then change its permission to either “Never” or “When using the app”. This fix should help save battery and data.

Low power mode fixes iPhone battery draining fast

Low power mode helps your iPhone utilise a charge for longer by restricting things such as background app refresh.

Go to “Settings > Battery” and enable Low Power Mode in order to take advantage of this option. However, this mode is only temporary. It is meant to prolong the iPhone between charges. Plugging in the phone to charge will disable low power mode once the battery has reached a certain level.

Coupled with low power mode, you should also check the battery health. The “Battery Heath” option underneath low power mode will show you how healthy the battery is. Anything under 80% and a new battery should be installed as the old one is losing its power.

Enabling low power mode can stop iPhone battery drain.

Update apps and iOS

Sometimes an app or even iOS can be the cause of your iPhone battery draining fast problem. Updating iOS or an app to the latest version should be the first solution if either of these is causing iPhone battery drain.

Turn on Airplane Mode

If you see your iPhone draining too fast then one f the reasons can be a poor signal. As a result the iPhone will increase power to the antenna in order to stay connected to calls or data services.

Turning on Airplane Mode will stop this increased use of power as it halts connections to these services. Whilst this effective, you won’t be able to make or receive calls or use data, so use it conservatively.

Turn off vibration if iPhone battery draining fast

If you get a lot of calls and push notifications then your iPhone can vibrate a lot. Turning off vibrate will help conserve battery life. To do this head to “Settings > Sounds and Haptics” where you can turn off vibrate on ring and on silent.

How to fix iPhone battery draining fast overall

If you are experiencing iPhone battery draining fast and looking to fix it, try our tips and tricks listed in this article. The should also help speed up your iPhone if it was running slowly as well. If you need help with a Samsung phone battery draining fast then we can fix that too. If you have an iPad not charging then we can equally help with those battery problems.

If these solutions don’t work for you and your battery health is low then talk to us about getting an iPhone battery replacement. A quick diagnostic test by our iPhone repair Norwich team will let you know what state the battery is in. As a result, a new battery will give your phone a fresh lease of life.

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