A man trying to find out why iPhone background app refresh is not working on his Apple handset.

How To Fix iPhone Background App Refresh Not Working

Your iPhone relies on apps refreshing in the background so that it can show you the latest information and data. However, sometimes the function fails to work and you stop receiving notifications about new messages, emails and other important information. So, how do you fix iPhone background app refresh not working issues?

What is Background App Refresh?

Background refresh allows apps to automatically retrieve new information and data, even if they are not running on the screen. The process is great for retrieving messages on WhatsApp or social media networks. However, it can also use large amounts of data and shorten battery life.

Ensure Enable Background App Refresh is on and not greyed out

Firstly, check that background app refresh has not been disabled for the app in question in the settings menu. Turning off the background refresh for an app can happen by mistake, so should be the first port of call.

Go to the iPhone’s “Settings” menu and scroll down to find the app in question. Next, ensure that the “Background App Refresh” function slider is set to on.

Also check in “Settings > General > Background App Refresh” that this is set to on. In this menu you can also toggle the background refresh for individual apps on or off so check here as well.

Where to find the menu to turn on the iPhone background app refresh setting if it is not working.

If the menu is not set to on then you’ll find yourself in a Background App Refresh greyed out situation. Turning on the main background app refresh option should solve this.

Update the App to fix iPhone Background App Refresh not working

Updating the App itself is the next fix to try. Apps can be buggy from time-to-time. Having the latest version on your iPhone will ensure that any bugs have been ironed out.

Update iOS to the latest version

Similarly to updating the App itself to fix the background refresh problem, upgrade iOS as well if you are running an older version.

The iPhone iOS can be updated in the “Settings > General > Software Update” and follow the on-screen prompts.

Ensure low power mode isn’t activated

The iPhone has a low power mode that extends battery life between charges. One of the features of low power mode is that it reduces background activity, which can affect app refreshing.

To check, go to “Settings > Battery” and make sure low power mode is switched off.

iPhone background app refresh not working due to low power mode being active.

Reset all settings

Changing settings on an iPhone can lead to unknowingly switching off something that can affect background app refresh. All iPhones have a universal reset settings option. This function returns the settings to their default states. However, no media or data is deleted.

Head to “Settings > General > Reset”. Find the “Reset All Settings” option and your iPhone will do the rest.

Contact the App developer

If you’ve tried the fixes above to troubleshoot iPhone background app refresh not working then contact the App developer. They may be aware of the issue and working on a fix or it may bring a bug to their attention.

How to fix iPhone background app refresh not working overall

Refreshing apps in the background is critical to your iPhone being able to notify you of messages, emails and important updates. Therefore, being able to fix iPhone background app refresh not working is important.

Updating the app and iOS to the latest version can iron out a great number of issues. Resetting the settings to their default state will solve the background app refresh problem for many people.

We Solve All can also help if you are stuck with your iPhone background app refresh not working issue or if it is greyed out. We’re specialist in iPhone software repairs. You can get in touch with us by email, form or phone to discuss the problem you have and how we can help resolve the issue.

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