An iPad not charging due to a faulty cable.

How To Fix iPad Not Charging

The iPad is incredibly popular due to its versatility. The Apple tablet can be used for work, games, Zoom calls and much more. However, what do you do if you find your iPad not charging at all?

This how-to guide will take you through some iPad not charging fix tips that could solve your problem before requiring a trip to a repair shop.

1. Check your charging accessories

Firstly, the best place to start is with the components required to charge an iPad.

Is the charging cable at fault for your iPad not charging issue?

The first is the charging cable. Make sure that the cable is not at fault by trying it in other devices. Also ensure that you have the right connector for your iPad. This can either be a lightning connector or the newer Type-C connector that is now part of the latest models.

Is the iPad power adapter working?

Next, ensure that the power adapter supplied with your iPad is working. The USB power adapter plugs in to the wall. If it is regularly overheating then it may have stopped working.

Also ensure that you are using the correct power adapter for the iPad. Apple power adapters come in 10W, 12W, 18W and 20W versions, so make sure you are using the right power adapter for your iPad model.

Is the wall plug working?

Finally, make sure that the wall plug is working by trying other devices in the socket. Sometimes a malfunctioning plug socket can be the source of your iPad not charging issue.

An iPad not charging due to a broken cable.

2. Try a force restart to fix iPad not charging

Sometimes a restart solves the iPad not charging issue. Depending on the iPad model then this could be just a case of pressing each volume button in turn before holding the power button. Otherwise on older models, it can be a combination of holding the home button and pushing the power button.

3. Clean the charging port

Dust and debris can build up over time in the charging port. Check the port itself and clean it with a soft cloth. Don’t use something like a hair dryer that will heat up the iPad and could therefore cause damage to the internal components.

4. Is the battery at fault for iPad not charging?

Check the battery health in “Settings > Battery > Battery Health”. If this has decreased to 80% or below then a new battery is in order as the existing unit may not be holding or accepting charge. Check our prices for iPad battery replacements on every model.

In this case take your iPad for a free diagnostic test at a repair centre like ours. Our iPad repair Norwich team will be able to let you know exactly what is happening and why your iPad is not charging. Most importantly, how much it’ll cost to fix it.

How to fix iPad not charging overall

Most iPad not charging issues that we see are down to the charging cable or power adapter. Trying an alternative cable or an adapter of the recommended wattage usually remedies the problem of why your iPad is not accepting charge.

If you’ve exhausted all of the tips in this how-to guide then have a chat with our team as to why your iPad is not charging. We have an iPad repair Norwich shop that can help you get to the bottom of your charging issue. We’ll provide you with a solution so you can get back to using your favourite Apple tablet.

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