A broken iPhone back glass replacement is needed following a drop that caused a cracked casing.

How to fix broken iPhone back glass

Apple released its newer models of iPhone with a very stylish back glass. Ever since unleashing iPhone 8, the back cover has been replaced by a shiny and sleek back glass. Whilst being smart, the new iPhone back glass also allows for wireless charging.

However, the new, more luxurious glass finish affords less grip and therefore more drops occur. Whilst a broken iPhone screen was the primary concern following a drop or fumble, the back glass is now equally prone to cracking.

Is it really necessary to replace iPhone back glass?

This really depends on the level of damage. While smashed iPhone back glass doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing, the damage could purely be cosmetic. Therefore a good case could hide the fact that your iPhone back glass is broken.

However, more substantial cracks to the glass open up a wide range of new issues.

The possibility of cutting your fingers is one such potential problem. What’s more, the glass is no longer keeping dust, rain and other liquids out. As a result, these substances can enter the iPhone and cause damage over time to the internal components.

Where can I get iPhone back glass replaced?

AppleCare should always be the first port of call if your iPhone is under warranty. Some AppleCare plans don’t cover accidental damage, but AppleCare+ does. The cost of getting the back glass replaced is significantly reduced if you are covered.

Otherwise, an iPhone repair shop, such as We Solve All, will happily replace your iPhone back glass at prices significantly lower than the Apple store.

There are many benefits of a repair shop repairing your iPhone back glass. These include:

Fix iPhone Back Glass

A replacement part fitted and looking as good as new after a broken iPhone back glass repair.

How much does an iPhone back glass repair cost?

The cost of an iPhone back glass repair depends on the model, but generally starts at around £50 for an iPhone 8. Some of the most popular models we repair the back glass for include the iPhone X and iPhone 11.

How much does an iPhone X back glass replacement cost?

The price to replace the back glass on an iPhone X is around £50. The new glass and fitting should be included with this.

How much does an iPhone 11 back glass replacement cost?

The price to replace the back glass on an iPhone 11 is around £70. Once again, the new glass and fitting should be included with this.

A change broken iPhone back glass repair leaves this handset looking as good as new.

How to prevent the need for a future iPhone back glass replacement

A good protective case is the always the first recommendation to help protect any iPhone. The damage from future drops or fumbles can be mitigated with a solid or sturdy case.

The second option is tempered back glass. Tempered glass is a very popular option to protect the iPhone screen. However, tempered rear glass can also prevent more damage to the back of the phone.

How to fix broken iPhone back glass overall

Whilst a DIY repair may save some money, there is equal chance of something going wrong or causing further damage to the phone. We see plenty of self-fixes that have damaged the camera or casing by being incorrectly fitted.

Getting your iPhone back glass fixed by a professional is not only affordable, but ensures that the phone will look good and function properly for years to come.

Come and see us in-store or book your repair online.

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