A repair to fix Android phone camera lag due to a problem with the lens.

How to fix Android phone camera lag

The camera is the most important part of any phone, especially on a Samsung, Huawei or Google Pixel handset. However, if you are missing capturing moments due to Android phone camera lag then these tips and quick fixes may work before you need to consider a repair.

Update the Android OS

The first port of call is always to update to the latest version of the Android operating system. In this way you can be sure you have the newest camera app software running and can rule out any bugs from previous versions.

Head to “Settings > Software Update > Download and Install” in order to get started. Next, install any updates and try the camera app again to see if it lags.

Close apps

Often your Android operating system has several apps running in the background. Therefore try closing as many as possible.

Firstly, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal the open apps. Secondly, swipe upwards on each open app to close it. As a result, your phone should run faster with less apps open. This solution may well solve your Android phone camera lag issue.

Save storage space

Experts recommend to keep at least 10% of your phone’s memory free to avoid issues such as camera lag.

Check how much of your phone storage space is in use. You can do this by heading to: “Settings > Battery and Device Care.” In this way you can identify large files and apps that you no longer need. Remove these to free up storage space and increase your phone’s speed.

You can also try to reset the camera’s settings. In order to do this, open the camera app. Tap on the gear icon. Scroll down to “Reset Settings” and tap on this option.

Android phone camera lag on a Panasonic handset.

Shut down Power Saver Mode

While Battery Saver is great for prolonging the life of your handset, it can make for a slow camera app. Consider disabling Power Saver Mode if you are running in to issues such as Android phone camera lag.

Go to “Settings > Battery and Device Care”. Next tap on “Battery” and turn off the “Power Saving” slider.

Disabling camera features may speed it up

There are tons of features that come with the camera app on Android phones. Disabling some of these can help speed the app up and avoid Android phone camera lag.

Open the camera and tap the settings gear cog icon. Start by trying to turn off the Scene Optimiser, Scan QR Codes and Location Tags options.

Furthermore, try tapping on the “Picture Formats” option and turn off the “RAW copies” button.

Clear the cache

Like any other app, the camera builds a cache which needs to be cleared.

In order to clear the camera app cache, firstly, long press on the camera app icon. Tap the “I” button on the next menu. Go to “Storage” and tap on the clear cache option.

Fix Android phone camera lag by long pressing the camera icon.

How to fix Android phone camera lag overall

Camera lag is a common Android phone problem. Having a slow to open camera app is no fun and can cause you to miss special moments. The solutions outlined here will help you fix Android phone camera lag and hopefully avoid an expensive repair.

If you need to fix iPhone camera lag then see our guide on solving that problem.

If these fixes don’t help, try talking to one of our team or heading to your nearest We Solve All phone repair shop. We can help you identify what is causing your Android phone camera lag. More importantly, what can be done to fix it.

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