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How to find and view saved passwords on iPhone and iPad

With every app and account requiring a password, it’s important to create unique logins. If you use an iPad or iPhone then this can be done for you. iPhone Keychain can store and auto-fill passwords. Here’s our guide on how to find and view saved passwords on iPhone and iPad with Keychain.

The benefits of iPhone Keychain

iPhone Keychain acts as a password manager and is built in to iOS. Once saved to Keychain, a password can be auto-filled meaning that you don’t need to enter it in to an app or website.

However, the biggest benefit on top of this convenience is that you can use complex passwords, as Keychain will remember them so you don’t have to. iPhone Keychain can generate these for you, which is also highly convenient.

How to find saved passwords on iPhone and iPad

If you forget or need to enter your password elsewhere then you can find saved passwords on iPhone and iPad.

Go to “Settings > Passwords” and you should now be able to view all of your saved login credentials. You can either scroll through them or use the search bar at the top of the screen.

Access and view saved passwords on iPhone menu option screen.


Tapping on a password will reveal the username and login for that app or website. You will then be able to view saved password on iPhone or delete it.

Use Siri to view saved passwords on iPhone and iPad

To quickly access the iPhone or iPad passwords menu screen, you can use Siri. The iOS assistant will take you straight to the password you request with a command such as: “Hey Siri, show me my Gmail password”. You can then make any changes that you want.

How to manually add a password to iPhone Keychain

If you wish to manually add any passwords then you can. Simply go to “Settings > Passwords”. At the top of the following screen tap the Plus (+) icon. This will then allow you to enter the website URL, username and password. The new login credentials will then be added to iPhone Keychain.

The find saved passwords iPhone autofill option screen.


How to edit a saved iPhone Keychain password

If you need to edit a password as you changed it elsewhere then it’s easy to update it in iPhone Keychain. Simply head to “Settings > Passwords” again. Select the password that you want to change. Next, click on “Edit” at the top of the screen and fill in the new details.

How to check compromised passwords

There is also an option to detect compromised passwords. This option will allow you to view any passwords that have been compromised or are easy to guess.

To check compromised passwords on iPhone or iPad, simply tap the “Security Recommendations” option in the “Passwords” Menu and view the subsequent list.

If any of your passwords have been compromised then you can choose to change the password on that particular website.

Detect compromised passwords menu option screen on iPhone.

View saved passwords on iPhone and iPad overall

With iPhone Keychain you’ll never forget a password again. You can easily view saved passwords on iPhone and iPad so that you can edit or use them elsewhere. What’s more you can check for compromised or easy to guess passwords so that your logins are as secure as they can be.

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