An Apple Watch eject water after swimming.

How To Eject Water From Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a great extension of the iPhone, bringing apps, notifications and one of the most advanced fitness trackers to your wrist. What’s more, it even has a water resistance rating of 50 metres so can be worn in the pool. However, after swimming it’s advisable to remove any water that could remain in the watch. So, how do you eject water from Apple Watch after it gets wet?

Why eject water from Apple Watch after it gets wet?

The Apple Watch is great at tracking workouts. However, with openings on the watch, especially the speaker grille, water can enter through this and sit inside. Whilst this is perfectly normal and not harmful to the watch itself, it’s good practice to eject it.

If water remains inside the watch for a period of time then it can start to cause corrosion of the internal components. Parts such as the speaker or the battery could therefore be affected and may start to function intermittently or sometimes not at all. What’s more it may stop syncing with your iPhone altogether.

A man wants to eject water Apple Watch following a rain storm.

How To Eject Water From Apple Watch

Following a swim or exposure to water the Apple Watch needs to eject any water it has taken on board. The watch comes with a neat function that will take care of this for you. All you need to do is activate it.

Once you have opened the Apple Watch, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. This will bring up the control panel where you can find the water droplet icon.

Apple Watch eject water menu button location.

Tapping the water ejection icon will lock the face. In order to bring up a message to eject water, start turning the digital crown. Once spinning the crown, a sound will be played through the speaker and the watch will eject any water build up.

If you think there may still be water inside, just repeat the process until it has all been ejected.

Where to find Apple Watch water eject icon?

If you don’t see the water eject icon in the menu when you swipe up on the watch screen then simply tap the edit button. You can then select the water eject mode by tapping on the plus button by the water droplet icon.

The screen to add water eject button in the Apple Watch menu.

What does water lock do on Apple Watch?

By tapping the water droplet icon from the Apple Watch menu, this will activate the water lock. This feature means the Apple Watch screen does not respond to touch.

How to fix Apple Watch water damage

After swimming, a heavy rainstorm or working out it’s always best to clear any water that may have entered the Apple Watch. Follow our simple guide to clear water build up and your Apple Watch should eject all the droplets it has taken on board.

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We can fix anything on the Apple Watch, as well as provide tips on how to improve battery life or deal with any syncing issues with iPhone.

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