iPhone speaker not working due to a blocked grille.

iPhone Speaker Not Working Or Quiet? Here’s How To Fix It

The iPhone speaker system has seriously evolved since the early models. However, sometimes they can stop working or sound distorted. So, whether you are experiencing an iPhone speaker not working or it is quiet, muffled or crackling, here are some quick fixes to try.

Check the silent mode slider

Firstly, try checking that the iPhone ring/silent switch hasn’t been accidentality moved so that the orange bar is showing. The slider is located on the side of the iPhone near the volume buttons. If it is showing the orange bar then pop the slider switch up so that the speaker sound will be restored.

Make sure do not disturb mode is not active if iPhone Speaker Not Working

Do not disturb mode is great when you have to focus on other tasks. However, having it activated can cause an iPhone speaker not working problem.

To check if do not disturb mode is active, go to “Settings > Focus > Do Not Disturb”. Ensure that this is turned off and try the speaker again.

The iPhone speaker muffled or crackling check do not disturb is not on menu.

Is a screen protector causing iPhone speaker quiet or muffled.

A screen protector should have holes for the iPhone speaker in the earpiece. However, some do not have the cut outs and this can cause muffled sound or iPhone speaker crackling.

Realign the screen protector so that it doesn’t cover the earpiece speaker or get a new one with the cut-outs. If you are unsure how to fit the screen protector or tempered glass then have an expert do it for you.

iPhone speaker not working due to a screen protector muffling the sound.

Check the speaker grille to see if it is blocked or dirty

The speaker grille can collect a lot of dust and debris from our everyday lives. This can cause iPhone speaker crackling or make the sound much more quiet.

The solution is to clean the speaker grille with a microfibre cloth to get out any debris. Following cleaning check the speakers to see if they now produce good sound.

If iPhone speaker not working check if it needs to be serviced

In order to check if iPhone speaker servicing is required, head to “Settings > Sounds & Haptics” and drag the “Ringer And Alerts” slider back and forward.


The iPhone speaker quiet test ringer sound menu.

If no sound is heard then you should get a professional to service the iPhone speaker. In this way, they can run a diagnostic test to check if an iPhone speaker replacement is required.

How to fix iPhone speaker water damage?

Similarly if the iPhone has been in water then the speaker should be checked for damage. Take the phone to an iPhone repair Norwich shop such as We Solve All who can tell you if the speaker is damaged.

Is an iPhone case causing muffled speaker sound?

Check to see if the iPhone case that you are using isn’t blocking or covering any speaker holes on the handset. If it is then get a different case for your iPhone.

Restart the iPhone

A force restart can fix iPhone speaker issues. To perform a force restart, follow the instructions for your iPhone model.

iPhone 6 and lower

Press and hold the home button and power button at the same time. Once the Apple logo appears you can release them. Sign in to your iPhone as normal and check the speaker sound.

iPhone 7

Press and hold the volume down key along with eth power button. Once you see the Apple logo release them and sign in to your iPhone as normal.

iPhone 8 and newer

Press and release the volume up key. Subsequently press and release the volume down key. Finally, press the power button until the Apple logo appears.

Update iOS to the latest version

It’s rare for iOS to cause iPhone speaker not working or quiet, but it can happen. Therefore, make sure you are running the latest version of the Apple iPhone operating system.

In order to check for updates, head to “Settings > General > Software Update”. Download the latest version of iOS and test the speaker again.

Fix iPhone speaker not working or quiet overall

If you are suffering with iPhone speaker not working then these fixes should help resolve the issue. If there is still a case of iPhone speaker quiet after trying them then bring your handset in to us at We Solve All. We can help with all iPhone sound not working issues.

Our iPhone repair Norwich shop can run a diagnostic test to check on the condition of the speaker and what is wrong with it. We can then fix it or offer an iPhone speaker replacement to restore the sound.

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