An iPhone camera black screen problem as a woman tries to take a photo and sees a blank image.

How to fix iPhone camera black screen problem

The camera is the most used device on an iPhone. We take hundreds of pictures everyday and share them across social media and chats. However, what do you do if you whip out your iPhone to take a shot and the screen is black? Don’t worry. Follow our trusty guide to fix iPhone camera black screen problem so you can get quickly back to snapping.

Why you could be seeing a blank camera screen

The dreaded iPhone camera black screen could be due to the camera app not loading correctly. This is different from iPhone camera lag, which can be solved in a different way. Sometimes there can be bugs in iOS. Otherwise the settings can play a part.

Re-launch the camera app

The first place to start is always to close and re-open the camera app. If you’ve opened the camera from the lock screen, opening it from the app on the home screen can fix this problem.

Simply close the camera app by swiping up. Secondly, re-open the app by selecting it from the home screen to fix the problem.

Restart to fix iPhone camera black screen

If closing and re-opening the app doesn’t work, restarting the iPhone is the next trick to try.

A forced restart will reset the iPhone camera and should rid you of the dreaded black screen.

An iPhone camera black screen problem as a man tries to take a photo of a lake.

Check the camera settings

Sometimes the camera settings can be the reason why you are seeing a blank screen.

High efficiency mode being on can be the cause of iPhone camera trouble. To turn high efficiency mode off, go to “Settings > Camera > Formats”. Make sure “Most Compatible” is ticked rather than “High Efficiency”.

Turn off Voice Over

The VoiceOver function on iPhone is a helpful assistive tool if you’re visually impaired. When activated, this option can cause iPhone camera black screen when used to assist with taking photos.

In order to turn VoiceOver off, go to “Settings > Accessibility > VoiceOver” and turn it off. Subsequently try the camera app again to see if this has solved the problem.

A fixed iPhone camera black screen as a photo of mountains can be seen on the display.

Maybe you need a camera repair?

In some cases, especially if the phone was dropped, you could need an iPhone camera or lens repair. You could also be suffering from iPhone camera focus not working. This may be a reason why you’re seeing the dreaded blank screen.

Talk to us about what has caused your iPhone camera trouble or bring your handset in so that we can have a look at it. We can then let you know what’s wrong and how much it’ll cost to fix this often-feared camera problem.

If you need to fix Android phone camera lag then see our handy guide to solving the issue for that operating system.

How to fix iPhone camera black screen problem overall

If you’ve tried restarting the camera app, your iPhone, as well as tweaking the settings then have a chat with us about how we can fix it. Our diagnostic tools can help identify and fix the iPhone camera black screen problem. We carry a vast number of iPhone camera parts in stock. Therefore we can have your iPhone quickly fixed so that you’re not having to splash out on a new one.

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