Common Android phone problems include a blank screen caused by battery drain.

Common Android phone problems and how to fix them at home yourself

The Android operating system powers many brands of mobile phone. The OS itself is extremely powerful and versatile. However, it can sometimes lead to issues. There are several common Android phone problems that we see from our customer’s phones. So, we thought we’d share how you can fix them at home yourself without requiring a repair.

How To Fix Battery Drain

Poor battery life is a common Android phone problem that we see in our shop. However, not all quick draining batteries need replacing. A few changes to your phone’s settings may prolong your battery’s charge.

The first solution is to make sure you are running the latest version of the Android operating system on your phone. Updating to the latest OS can help solve any issues such as running a previous version with a bug.

Secondly, activate battery saving mode from your Android device’s settings menu. This limits background data usage and the number of fetches the phone performs for tasks.

Thirdly, see if there are apps that you can put in to doze mode. This will disable certain features to make sure the phone is inactive when you are not using it. Also, consider turning off location services if you don’t need it as that will increase battery life.

Finally, delete any unwanted or no longer used apps. These applications can be buggy and cause high battery usage. Removing them can speed up your phone and remove anything that was causing Android phone problems such as battery drain.

Common Android Phone Problems – Overheating

More common Android phone problems are due to overheating. If your phone gets too hot it can experience problems like battery drain or forced shutdown.

The first thing to do when a phone is overheating is to update to the latest Android operating system. What’s more, ensure the apps are the most recent versions as well.

If the phone overheats while charging it could be that you are not using an approved charger. While the brand’s own dock may be expensive, unofficial chargers and cables can cause overheating issues or shorten the life of the battery.

Connecting to Wi-Fi is another common Android phone problem

A dubious data connection can see your Android phone requiring a Wi-Fi repair. However, before booking in to get your Wi-Fi working again, try these simple DIY solutions at home.

Re-starting the phone is the first solution to try. Turning off and on the phone could resolve any Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

Another solution to try is to disconnect from your Wi-Fi network and then reconnect again.

Common Android phone problems include Wi-Fi connectivity.

Google Play Store Keeps Crashing or Apps Won’t Download

A corrupt cache is the main reason why Google Play Store keeps crashing. The simplest way to solve this common Android phone problem is to go to “Settings > All Apps > Google Play Store” and “Clear Cache”.

If clearing the cache doesn’t work, try clearing the local history. Go to “Settings > Clear Local History” in order to do this.

As a final port of call, delete the default Google account and then add it again. See our useful guide if you are having trouble with apps not installing on Android phone.

Common Android phone problems include google play store keeps crashing or apps won't download.

Annoying apps

Apps that just abort, crash or hang are highly annoying and inconvenient. The way to solve this common Android phone problem is to boot the phone in safe mode. Long press the power button and select “Reboot to safe mode”.

When the phone is in safe mode third party apps are disabled as a result. Therefore, tapping on “uninstall” will remove them.

Internal Storage Issues

The “Insufficient Storage Available” issue has plagued many people that have come to our shop. Our DIY advice before seeking a repair is to try a couple of things.

Firstly, review which apps are taking up storage space. Go to the “Application Manager” and uninstall any that you are not using regularly. What’s more, clear the cache of those that you are.

Secondly, consider backing up photos to the cloud. Services such as Dropbox or Google Drive and other cloud storage providers are a convenient way to save your Android phone’s internal memory.

Common Android phone problems and DIY solutions overall

Many common Android phone problems can be fixed at home. The DIY solution can save time and money from having to get a professional repair. However, if these don’t work then the help of a professional mobile phone repair shop is what’s required.

At We Solve All we fix all types of Android phone from makers such as Samsung, Huawei, Google Pixel and more. So, have a chat with us about your Android phone problems and how we can solve them.

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