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The best way to replace an iPhone battery

Aside from screen repairs, an iPhone battery replacement is one of the most common jobs we complete here in our Norwich Store.

Typically, an iPhone battery lasts for a period of around two years before degrading significantly. However, there are other factors at play that can damage the battery prematurely, such as heat. Too much hot or too much cold will denature the element inside of the battery. This may result in the battery unable to take its full charge and running out of power quickly.

If this happens then the best course of action is to get the battery inside of your iPhone replaced.

It needs to be done right

When getting the battery replaced on your iPhone, it’s critical that you get this operation completed by a reputable technician. Do not attempt to replace an iPhone battery yourself. An incorrectly fitted battery can be dangerous. Both to your phone and to yourself.

In order to fit the battery into your iPhone, first the screen needs to be removed. There is of course a risk that the screen can be broken during the removal, especially if the screen on your phone is already damaged.

However, any competent trained technician can remove these without damaging them, saving you from paying for both a screen and a battery during your replacement.

Screw loose

We regularly receive phones in-store where a repair has been attempted elsewhere. On an iPhone this is obvious once we get inside as we find screws missing or in the wrong place.

This can be catastrophic for your phone as electrical components can move around and contact the walls of your phone. This can cause electrical shorts or damage the inside of your handset.

Additionally, each of the screws in an iPhone is a very specific length. Sometimes with a millimetre of difference between them.

If they are not put back in exactly the same place then they can cause damage to the logic board, damaging it permanently.

It’s fairly straight-forward to keep track of where these screws have come from and where they need to go back in. However, it takes an expert to understand why this needs to be done and why it’s best that no shortcuts are taken.

A new iPhone 8 battery replacement for a longer lasting handset.

Low Quality parts

There are hundreds of different replacement battery parts available for iPhone. Furthermore, prices range anywhere from pennies to hundreds of pounds.

You need to be certain that the part being used in your repair is of a high quality and not going to cause further issues.

The best indicator for this is the warranty alongside your repair. Most good quality replacement parts should come alongside a 12-month warranty. If the repair doesn’t come with at least this warranty then the part being used is not a good quality replacement or the person completing the job is uncertain about their abilities.

The quality of the part is so important. Low quality parts can be dangerous, damaging your device or even causing you harm.

One of the main consequences we see when a bad quality part is being used is battery expansion.

When the element in the battery goes wrong, it can solidify and expand, pushing out of the phone. This can cause issues with the screen, breaking or cracking, as well as putting pressure on other components, such as the logic board.

In some cases, these devices can even explode.

If you remember the controversy surrounding the Samsung Note 7 back in 2016, you will realise just how dangerous a faulty battery can be.

This phone was recalled due to having a battery fault across all its units and was banned from flights worldwide. There were numerous reports of phones catching fire and exploding, forcing Samsung to recall the whole line and take a massive hit of 17 billion in refunds and production costs.

Get your repair done right

At We Solve All our batteries come alongside a 12-month warranty because of the high-quality parts we use and how reliable our trained technician team is.

Battery replacements can be completed in our Norwich Store, in around 30 minutes when pre-booked online.

We keep a large amount of stock on hand for iPhone battery replacements for Norwich so we can offer a rapid same day repair, for our online customer base.

If you need a same day battery replacement on an iPhone, simply book your device in for repair.

You can book either an in-store, callout or postal repair depending on your preference.

Book your repair online today, it takes less than three minutes.

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