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iPhone repair North Walsham, Norfolk

Whatever your iPhone repair North Walsham needs, we can certainly help. There are more iPhones with broken screens than any other phone in the world, at least that’s what it seems. So, we’ve had lots of practise repairing them.

However, we don’t just repair screens. Our iPhone specialists can fix many faults, such as broken back glass, bent charging ports and damaged cameras. What’s more, many of these repairs can be completed on the same day.

iPhone screen repair North Walsham service

A broken iPhone screen is an all too common occurrence. We use our smartphones so much these days that dropping our trusted handset is inevitable. As a result, a cracked or shattered iPhone screen is often the outcome when it hits a hard floor.

However, help is at hand. Our iPhone screen repair North Walsham service will restore your crystal clear display in no time.

A broken iPhone screen can normally be repaired in around thirty minutes. All you need to do is select your iPhone model and we’ll do the rest.

Very soon you will no longer have to deal with a cracked or smashed iPhone screen. Instead, you’ll have a high-quality replacement, as good as if your iPhone was brand new.

Sometimes though the break isn’t so obvious. Your iPhone touchscreen phone simply won’t react to your finger pushes. In this case, the remedy is equally simple. An iPhone screen replacement will rectify this problem and get your handset back in good working order.

We’re used to working with every model of iPhone. So, whether you need a new screen replacement for an iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone 11 or any other model, we can take care of it for you.

An iPhone screen repair can be carried out within 30 minutes or less. What’s more, many other North Walsham iPhone repair jobs can be carried out on the same day. So, if you need a new loudspeaker, microphone or proximity sensor, we can fit that at the same time.

iPhone repair North Walsham screen replacement for a new display in our shop.

iPhone battery replacement

The second most common issue that you might encounter is the charge on the iPhone battery running out far too quickly. If you have owned your iPhone for a long period of time, chances are the battery health has dropped.

The quickest and easiest fix is an iPhone battery replacement for a new one that can be fully charged. We keep many of the most common iPhone batteries in stock so that we can offer a same day replacement.

If by chance you are experiencing an issue with the charge and it turns out it’s not the battery, we diagnose all issues beforehand, so we will be able to find the fault.

Fix iPhone water damage, charging port, back glass and more

Our professional team can fix numerous faults beyond an Apple iPhone screen replacement or a new battery.

If you have iPhone water damage from it being dropped in a pool, toilet or the sea then we can help. Perhaps the charging port, loudspeaker or camera is not working? We Solve All frequently fix iPhones that customers have been told are not repairable.

Maybe the microphone, power button or volume buttons are not working? Perhaps you require a fix logic board service or back glass replacement? Our professional iPhone repair shop team can quickly identify the problem and get your handset working again.

Up to 12-months warranty

If it’s not completed by trained experts or with high-quality parts, many things can go wrong during a repair. Therefore, we offer warranties of up to 12-months on all of our repairs for your peace of mind.

Furthermore, our iPhone repair shop specialists frequently offer an on-the-spot diagnosis. Therefore, we can tell you what’s wrong and how we can fix it.

Once we have completed your repair we run your device through a thorough testing process to ensure that it is fully functional. From that point your 12-month warranty is verified.

Use our iPhone repair shop or call out service

Our iPhone repair shop is open to help with all of your needs.

We’re a 38-minute drive from North Walsham and you can get directions to our shop. If you are travelling from central North Walsham you can get to our store by heading towards the A1270. Follow Low Road, through to Larkman lane Norwich. Turn in to Enfield road to reach us at Earlham West Centre.

The whole journey by car should be around 38 minutes, once you are here there is parking around the Lloyds Pharmacy just opposite our store.

Alternatively, you can take the 55 Sanders coach and then the 26 bus towards Norwich University.

For our North Walsham customers we offer a call out service, which is super-convenient if time is of the essence. We can come to you and fix your device without you needing to leave your home!

Our call out service is useful if you live near North Walsham Market, St. Nicholas Church, North Walsham High School, Paston College or North Walsham Heritage Centre. Perhaps you require phone repair near North Walsham’s Norfolk Motorcycle Museum, then we can come to you wherever you are.

North Walsham iPhone repair by post

If you have a busy lifestyle, we can repair your iPhone by post. Our postal service can therefore help you with a mail-in phone screen repair, new battery or camera.

What’s more, with FREE return delivery included, your phone will be sent back to you overnight by an insured courier.

Some of the local post offices in and around North Walsham that you can use for our postal repair service are:

Use the Post Office branch finder for your nearest location.

Repair My iPhone By Post

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Whether you require a iPhone screen repair, new battery, charging port or anything else. Simply use our website to find your device and select your repair.

If you’re not sure what’s wrong then drop by our shop, get in touch by phone or live chat to tell us what the problem is. Our expert North Walsham tech repair team will be only to happy to help.

If you require North Walsham mobile phone repair, to mend an iPad, MacBook, games console, computer or laptop, we can help with those too.

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