An iPhone microphone not working job in our repair shop.

8 ways to mend iPhone microphone not working

The microphone is an important part of any iPhone. From making voice calls to executing Siri commands, it is an integral part of the handset. However, when you have an iPhone microphone not working what can you do before you need to visit a repair shop?

Here is how you can fix microphone issues on iPhone.

1. Clean the microphone if it’s not working

All iPhones have several microphones on them. Depending on the model the location can vary. However, most iPhones will have a microphone on the front at the top of the screen next to the earpiece. A second microphone is located on the bottom of the phone by the charging port. A third can be found on the rear next to the camera lenses.

Check all of these microphones for any blockages, dirt or debris. Clean all of them with a soft brush or microfibre cloth.

iPhone microphone rear location on the back of the Apple handset below the camera.

2. Check your case or screen protector isn’t blocking a microphone

There are hundreds of iPhone cases available on the open market. However, some may not correctly fit the handset and may cover some of the speaker outlets or microphones. This can lead to an iPhone microphone muffled or distorted sound.

Remove the case and see if this solves the issue. The screen protector may also cause iPhone microphone muffled if it covers the front screen by the earpiece.

3. Check Bluetooth if iPhone microphone not working

Turning on Bluetooth can sometimes interfere with the microphone function. Try turning off Bluetooth to see if this resolves your iPhone microphone not working issue.

4. Check if the microphone fails to work with specific apps

If the iPhone microphone not working issue is with selected apps then check the permissions.

Go to “Settings > Privacy > Microphone” and check to see whether they app in question has its microphone privileges turned on or not.

Menu screen for iPhone microphone not working on individual apps.


5. Is noise cancellation obscuring microphone sound?

Ambient noise can be reduced on an iPhone with noise cancellation. However, the noise cancellation function can interfere with the microphone and cause it not to work.

To check, go to “Settings > Accessibility > Audio / Visual” and turn off the “iPhone Noise Cancellation” option.

Please note that this option has been removed from iPhone 13 and newer models.

Where to find the menu for iPhone microphone not working due to the noise cancellation option being turned on.

6. Update iOS if iPhone microphone muffled

Needless to say that if you are running an out-of-date version of iOS that updating could contain a bug fix. Updating to the newest version of iOS will often contain fixes for issues such as this.

7. Run an iPhone reset if the microphone is distorted

Running an iPhone reset should be a last resort to solve distorted iPhone microphone issues. A reset will erase the settings, but not your data and personal files.

Go to “Settings > General > Transfer or Rest iPhone” and tap “Reset > Reset All Settings”.

8. Use a repair shop to fix iPhone microphone not working or muffled

The microphone is an important part of the iPhone. When it’s not working or muffled it can cause a number of issues and restrict your phone use.

If you have exhausted our at home solutions to fix iPhone microphone not working then try our repair shop in Norwich for a free diagnostic check. We have professional equipment to test the microphones and get to the bottom of any issues. As a result, we can tell you what the problem is. More importantly how much it’ll cost to fix it.

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