Android phone not charging due to the cable and wall connection.

Android phone not charging? 5 ways to fix it before getting a repair

Android phones charge incredibly rapidly nowadays. While wireless charging is becoming increasingly common, powering up with a cable is still the most preferred method. However, if you experience an Android phone not charging situation what should you do before considering a repair?

1. Check the charging port itself

Firstly, check the charging port for any signs of dust or debris. A small microfibre cloth can be used to clean anything out.

Secondly, check the charging port for any movement. If the port wobbles or moves around it’s a sign that it may need to be replaced. A key giveaway is if you have to have the port at a slight angle in order for the phone to charge.

What’s more, if your Android phone not charging problem persists, check for signs of water damage. This problem is common if the phone was dropped in water or had liquid spilt on it.

2. Check the cable and charger

Checking the condition of the charging cable should be the next port of call. Try swapping it out for an alternative cable and see if this does the trick.

Furthermore, check the charging adapter supplied with the Android phone is working as well. The adapter, especially if it is from a third party supplier, may need replacing.

Android phone not charging as the port wobbles and is not working.

3. Cool down the phone

If you have been using the phone for high resource intensive processes, for example gaming, let the phone cool down first. The phone should give you a warning to let it cool before charging, but it is prudent to see if letting it cool will restore your ability to power up.

4. Check the battery health if Android phone not charging

All phone batteries have a limited lifespan. As a result the battery will degrade and may even no longer hold charge.

Check the health to see if it is time for a battery replacement. A diagnostic check from a repair shop like We Solve All will tell you if you need to replace your battery or not.

5. Remove power intensive apps

Check in the settings of your Android phone for apps that are using a lot of resource. If you no longer need these apps then remove them from your phone.

How to fix Android phone not charging overall

There are a number of simple fixes that you can try if you find that you have an Android phone not charging situation. If you have a phone battery that is draining fast then we have another guide on how to fix that.

However, if you have tried the DIY solutions here then have a repair shop give your phone a free diagnostic test. In that way you’ll know whether it is the charging port or potentially just the battery that needs changing.

At We Solve All we can replace charging port or batteries for many phone models. Android handsets from Samsung, Huawei, Google Pixel and many more can all be revived to power up once again. So, if you find yourself with an Android phone not charging problem come and see us in one of our Norwich or Norfolk stores.

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