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5 tips for a longer lasting iPhone battery

Over a period of around two years the battery in your iPhone deteriorates. Typically, if your battery health has dropped below 85% we would recommend replacing it. Until then, we have a few tips that make for a longer lasting iPhone battery.

Of course, we always advise that with an iPhone you only use a genuine Apple charger. Non-genuine cables can have adverse effects on your battery’s overall health and cause it to deteriorate quickly.

1. Control your screen brightness

Most iPhones are set up to manually adjust the brightness depending on the light levels they are exposed to. This gives you the most clarity when viewing your screen.

If you use your phone in a very bright environment, this is going to be set very high quite regularly. This will drain your battery faster.

We would advise that you manually adjust your brightness and set it as low as possible. Doing this will conserve the battery on your phone by around 15%.

You might find it’s difficult to see in some environments at first but it’s fairly easy to get used to.

2. Turn off location services

Many applications request that you use location services either for the benefit of the running of the app or to better target you for adverts within the application.

To make for a longer lasting iPhone battery, we advise that if you are not using your location services you switch them off. They can quickly drain the battery, especially if you are somewhere remote or in a shielded location with a weak signal. In this scenario, your iPhone will use more power to try and establish a location.

Some apps may have permission to turn on these services at launch or when running in the background. So, if you see an application using a lot of your battery, check what permissions are enabled for it.

3. Switch off your Internet

When you are not using the internet, switch off your 3G, 4G or 5G services alongside your Wi-Fi. What’s more, if you are not currently online then switch it off, you can always turn it back on again to check relevant messages.

If you are at home you can also save some power by just switching to Wi-Fi as 3G, 4G and 5G services always search for a better signal even if you are not currently using them and this will drain your battery.

Poor Apple iPhone battery health means a replacement unit needs to be installed by an expert.

4. Turn on Power Saving Mode

A longer lasting iPhone battery can be achieved with Power Saving Mode. This can be located at: Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode.

This mode temporarily restricts background processes like downloads or mail checking until you charge your device.

This is the easiest way you can save power on your iPhone. However, the function varies depending on which iPhone you have and the version of iOS you are running.

5. Set up a shorter auto screen lock

If you don’t turn your screen off, chances are it’s going to remain on for a few minutes. In this time it’s going to be using unnecessary power.

A longer lasting iPhone battery can be achieved by adjusting how long it takes for the screen to switch off. The quicker it switches off the more power you are going to save.

Top tips for a longer lasting iPhone battery overall

Making these small changes can see a big improvement in both battery performance and longevity. Once an iPhone battery degrades or loses power, a replacement is always required. If you need to get a new iPhone battery then we can help. What’s more, we’ll even fit it for you.

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